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Scars Between Us

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"Stay away from me! Cause I don't want a whore like you around me!" He spat with every ounce of anger in him making Rosalina's heart shatter into pieces. _________________________________ Rosalina's life takes a full turn when her affectionate boyfriend, Jaxon turns into a viscous venom spitting demand, and goes on humiliating her for three years. Rosalina remains in the dark unaware of the sin she had committed until one day Jaxon realises what mistake he had committed were just on basis of a misunderstanding, but it was too late to rectify. The scars were already too deep to be healed. How will he do everything now? _________________________________ *Originally a wattpad fanfiction* Thank you for reading!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: Flashback

"Just a second was all it took for our walls to crumble down into ashes. Ashes which did not denote the end of misery but a warning of a catastrophic eruption.”

Life was normal. Rosalina and Jaxon were smoothly running their relationship. But fate shows its evil side every time it gets a chance.
Jaxon and Rosalina had a normal relationship like every other people. They both shared an unbreakable bond. But disasters in life shatter people apart no matter how close they are to the person


Jaxon and Rosalina were in a relationship from the end of school. They had dated for almost 2 years now and, it was at the beginning of the college year when the horrifying incident had taken place
Rosalina had just finished my classes. Rosalina was excited to meet Jaxon after a hectic day of classes. Every time she sees his angelic smile, it just makes her day.
Rosalina was going down the hallway in search of Jaxon. She had checked everywhere but he was nowhere to be seen.

After searching for him for a while she found him coming out of the washroom. Rosalina was overjoyed to see him but he had a furious expression

'Oh well, I guess he is having a bad day. Let's go surprise him' She thought

She went from behind and lifted her hands and wrapped her palms around his eyes

"Guess who?" She whispered in his ear

As soon as she whispered in his ear, the response received had thrilled her. He harshly yanked her hand away. He looked at Rosalina with swollen yet angered eyes and all she could do was return a confused look. Then, he spoke

"You're such a bitch" Jaxon spat
Rosalina was more than shocked to hear such kind of a comment from his mouth as he had never used such harsh words towards her despite their numerous arguments. The time for using such words never came.

"J-Jaxon w-what's wrong??" Rosalina asked hesitantly

"Is e-everything alright?" Rosalina spoke again shakily

"How dare you talk to me!?!?" Jaxon spoke angrily

"You still have the mouth to talk to me after doing such a disgusting thing?!!" He asked

Rosalina was out of words. She had no idea about what he is saying so rather than shocked she was confused. She began to rewind all the actions she had taken but found nothing that would offend him so bad

"Jaxon...What's wrong? Why are you acting like this?" Rosalina asked patiently waiting for his answer

"Ask that to yourself slut" Jaxon replied coldly

Rosalina attempted to hold his hand but he harshly pushed her to the lockers and trapped her between his muscular arms. He reflected nothing a daunting aura as his voice represented the anger he was feeling. Then he spoke spitting his venomous rage on to her face shattering her apart.

"Get this straight. From now on you are not going to come near me. You stay away from me and all my friends as I don't want a whore like you near them" He said gritting his teeth

"Oh and also you and I are officially over," He said with pain in his eyes as tears started to flow down my eyes.

Rosalina became a crying mess, with her face flushed red, eyes bloodshot and expression fully showing how shattered she had become. She tried to hold him to ask for a justification for her unknown sins but he pushed her away exerting great causing her to fall on to the leveled concrete, before walking away. Rosalina called out for him quite a lot of times but he just faded away into the distance of the hazy corridor. Rosalina continued to sob whilst sitting on the floor but suddenly she felt a sharp pain piercing her stomach. Realizing it was a kick, she looked up to the culprit only to have her expression drop.

It was Lina. She despised Rosalina for dating Jaxon. This must be an amazing day for her.
She harshly pulled her hair and kicked Rosalina’s stomach with her pencil heel resulting in blood oozing out of her soft flesh. The urge to fight back had left Rosalina considering her broken self, so she bore with it. Lina smirked witnessing her weak state.

After kicking Rosalina a few more times whilst screaming a series of profanities at her, she left. Leaving behind alone her lifeless body in the temporarily desolate hallway.
After a lot of struggle, Rosalina was able to get up and immediately went home and treated herself after reaching. She took a warm shower to wash away the pain in the burning water but nothing worked
She decided to directly sleep. She had not eaten anything that night although her mother had offered several times. She did not have an appetite.

So she excused herself by saying that she was not feeling well. That night she was left with her tears and her broken heart.

The next day when she went to school, she received very weird looks from everyone. Ignoring their stares, she straight went to her locker. While she was settling everything a voice came from behind.

"Hey bitch" The person said
Before Rosalina could turn to the person, correction, the people, she felt a splash of water hitting her face. She looked up just to see the people who once she addressed as friends and it thrilled her as they were her best friends and now they are bullying her. Well, they would not choose her over Jaxon. She was an outsider at the end of the day.

"How could you do this to Jaxon?!" Henry spoke

They all had a look of anger and disappointment on their faces whereas Rosalina was still confused. Jaxon began to curse at her while a few of them said their words of insult. After all of them were done humiliating her, they left leaving Jaxon and Tristan.

"Slut" Jaxon said as he flashed Rosalina a hurt look.

She tried touching his arm but he just yanked it off. Rosalina immediately felt herself shift to the right making her realize he pushed her.

She tried to talk to him yet again by holding him calling out for him with her small and desperate voice.
"J-Jaxon" She stuttered.

"Please l-listen to me. Why are you acting like this??" She asked him pleading him to stop

But he wouldn't budge. He yanked her hand away yet again and this time pushed her hard causing her to bump against the locker and fall.
Then without saying a word, he stormed off leaving Tristan to be the only one left out.

Rosalina looked at him but he only gave her a look of pity, before rolling his eyes, leaving her alone there.
Everyone around began laughing at her and making cruel comments to break her. as she laid there helpless. She got up and head towards the entrance to leave.


Ever since that day, everybody bullies her and that kept going on.
Every day, every night Rosalina cries whilst asking herself and God what sin she had committed, to receive such cruel punishment. But unfortunately, the answer is always nil.

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