Being Maya

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Maya Rodriguez, to some she is an angel and a role model to their young daughters. To others she is a bitch and parents are warning their daughters not turn out like her. But she doesn't care,until she finds a reason to care for.

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Chapter one

If I treats you, the

Way you treats me

You will hate me💯

Maya's pov

I have been tossing and turning in my comfy bed,as a pregnant woman in labor. It is past midnight and still I can't sleep because of the noises in the house.

My parents are arguing for the hundredth time this week.You can hear my mom's crying in the next room.

It's hurting to see her this way,but I have been raised better to understand that am not welcomed in my parents misunderstandings.

I forcefully shut my eyes, until I hear the front door close signalling the departure of my dad and a clue for me to run to my mom. I adjust my pajamas and sprints to her room.

I don't even knock,as I ushers myself in her room. My mom is sitting at the edge of their king-sized bed, tears streaming down her cheeks as she massages her baby bump.

"Shhhh, mom you should not drain yourself. You know very well this is not healthy for you and my baby brother?"I pleaded with her. As I watch her smile, am torn apart. I wonder how she manages to genuinely smile at situations like this.

"Am okay Maya, but I would like your brother to have his whole family present when he is born,but I can't help it when your father chooses the other woman over us."my mom answers in between sobs.

My father is seeing another woman and he doesn't seem bothered by mom's condition. He is so distanced and it seems like we never had a male figure in our life.

Since I was young,he has been a caring and a supportive dad. He has never been this cold to us. Am damn twenty three years and this is when my dad decides to do this.

When my mother found out she was pregnant, she was in cloud nine.

Since I was twelve years they have been trying to give me a sibling and this was the moment that our dreams had come true until my dad decides to fuck up.

I can't wait to meet my baby brother, even though I am a grown woman in campus, I still have this giddy feeling in my stomach as a six year old.

After calming down and soothing my mom we finally manage to sleep.

I wake up feeling exhausted, I shower and dress up quickly. I can't afford to be late for the lectures again.

A sweet aroma welcomes me in the kitchen. My mom's four months bump seems to be inflating everyday.

"Good morning honey."she greets me happily as she takes my backpack and puts in my packed breakfast.

Did I tell you how sweet and understanding my mom is.

"Honey, hurry up. You are already late." She chuckles as she kisses my forehead.

I say my good-byes and leave.

"Remember to wash your hands before you eat honey."my mom shouts when I am about to enter in my car. I smile as I wave at her.

"Chelsea, my mom's condition seems to worsen everyday. She crys everyday. It has been one month since my dad left us but she can't accept the fact that my day is gone." I explained sadly to my friend, Chelsea who is trying to braid my hair.

"Everything will be fine Maya, give her sometime. Still I can't believe your dad." She looks at me with pitty eyes.

The rest of the day we spent Chelsea, mom and I. We watch Netflix movies and help my mom arranges my little brother's room.

I am very delighted that she is happy and I hope she will be like this everyday.

Later that night Chelsea leaves and my mom is fast asleep.

I head to my bedroom and pick up my phone to call the so called boyfriend of mine, Ethan.

Hello guys

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