Bikers Betrayal

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Ripper has been a biker his whole life. Having an old lady and a daughter in her teens and his brother with him he could have been happier, but when a mysterious girl bumps into him at the local cafe. He couldn't stop thinking about her. Elaine was just an average girl moving to a new city for a fresh start. She finally get a job at the local cafe that usually filled with bikers in the morning. One biker stood out to her and she could help but fall for those crystal blue eyes of his . Will Ripper be able to control himself and save his family or will Elaine be able to control herself from ruining everything.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


I was sitting on my bike outside of the club house/ bar. Smoking my third cigarette and looks at the sunset before me. Behind me the party was just getting start as my brothers were drinking and the club bunny were entertaining them with their small clothing.

"Ripper?" I turn at the sound of my biker nap and saw my old lady Louise coming toward me with a small and two beers in her hand.

"Hey Loui? What's up?" I get off my bike and throw my cigarettes bud and smash it under my boot and walk toward her the rest of the way.

Being 6'8 I had to look down toward her small frame of 5'3. She has brown hair and hazel eyes with pale skin and was very skinny in a healthy way. She doesn't even look like she gave birth to our daughter. Louise has always been a quiet easy going person. Who has been beside me since we were in our teens.

Her father was the former VP and my dad best friend. Since she was one year younger than me and old child she only has my sibling and myself to play with around the club.

"Hey I was wondering what you doing here. While everyone was partying inside the bar?" She looks up at me as she hands me the beer.

"Oh well I was just out here smoking and watching the sunset" I said as I took a sip of the beer. She nods and looks out the horizon as the remainder of the sun is gone.

"Let's go back inside before all the club come out here" she laughs as I said that and we walk into the bar and she goes toward the other old lady's and I walk toward the brother and sit next to my VP who is my younger brother named Rage.

"Hey where you been?" Rage asked as he looked at me and sipped his beer and I take a sip as well and say "outside taking a smoke break" he nods and goes back to talk to my Sargent of Arm named Bear.

The night goes on with everyone drinking and dancing around but soon I felt myself getting tired and yawning. Being 36 years old isn't as easy as some make it seem. I look over to Louise who's make eye contact and she know I'm ready to head out back to our house.

I get on my bike while I wait for Louise who is saying goodbye to everyone and I turn to see my brother coming toward me "Hey I wanted to know if we are having church tomorrow?" I nodded and say "I want to have church after we get coffee from Frankies. Let the rest know to meet at the cafe at 8am" he nods and walks back to the bar.

I felt Louise get on my bike and I stirs off on to the road and with in 20 minutes I was home with Louise. She get off and goes into the house and I follow her. Our 12 year daughter was over my sister house having a sleep over with her three daughters. So we had the house to ourself.

I walked into the master bedroom to see her getting undressed and instantly I get hard. I walks over slowly and trace along her body with my rough fingers and kiss her softly shoulder. I hear her sigh In pleasure as she was only left with her undergarments. I slowly take her bra off and grope her small breast.

"Fuck Louise. Your so sexy baby. Do you want me?" I whisper in her ears.

"Y-yes!! I want you Ripper" she moans softly

"Then get you sexy ass on the bed, I'm about to fuck you hard and fast" I tell her as I undress quickly and look at her getting on the bed. I pull her underwear off and spread her legs and slip a finger into her hole. She was extremely wet and was moaning as I finger fucked her fast and hard. Adding finger as I kept going and I felt her walls clench and I knew she was ready.

"Come for me baby" I tell her and she looks at me and screams my name cumming hard on fingers and I take them out and lick them.

I take my long hard cock and position is against her wet hole and slip through her wet folds and fuck her relentlessly. As she screams and moans for me to go fast I comply and soon she was coming yet again and within few more thrust I slip my cock out and come on her chest.

"Fuck" I was breathing hard and was laying next to her. She smirks and kisses me as she grabs my cock and sucks on it cleaning it up for me. I moan and hold her head as I start to fuck her mouth and within moments I came again in her mouth which she swallows. She smiles and licks her lips and kisses me again.

She gets off the bed and goes into the bathroom and soon I hear the shower on. At that time it was almost 4:21am and I had to get up in few hours to go get coffee so I rolled on to my side and knock out.


Hey guys. Hope you liked the first chapter!!!! This is my first book so please be patient with me on the grammar.

Please comment what you think though ❤️

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