The Girl He Hates

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In life, things don’t always unfold like we want them to be, and it may sound like a quote, but it’s the reality, the reality of my life.

Never have I thought that my life would take such an unexpected turn in which I have to sacrifice my wishes for my father’s sake.

Everything was perfect. And now it feels as if someone waking me up from an unfamiliar fantasy, presenting me the truth, which is far more diverse from my recognition.

And the reason behind all this mess is the person who is sitting beside me now. The reason for ruining our lives, the reason for the sadness in my father’s eyes, and the devil who somehow found the very right time to ruin our life in our very vulnerable moment, without giving us a chance to stand and crushing our livelihood. And that person is Jason Gray, the person with substantial power and a cruel heart.

The same person with whom I’m tied, with the law as his lawfully or more like forcefully wedded wife, sharing no vows, promises, or love for each other. And I can’t blame it all on him even though I want to, but it was me, and I agreed to marry him. So, I can protect the sanity of my dad.

Now, as I ponder over my decision, I curse myself for making such an illogical choice, which not only ruined my life but also shattered my father’s heart. Dad’s hurt, disappointed by my decision, and the pain and grief on his face persist in my mind whenever I think about it.

I rub my forehead, wondering the reason behind Jason’s misconception and hate towards my father. But the more I think of it, the more bewildered I get.

Puzzled by all the meander thoughts, I decided the best option is to ask the person who is the reason behind all this misconception, Jason Gray.

I took a deep breath before turning my head towards Jason, who is busy driving the car. His sea-blue eyes focused on the road as his hand gripped the steering wheel.

“Hey?” I glanced at Jason, breaking the awkward silence between us.

On hearing my voice, Jason glanced at me with blue eyes, and stern expressions staring at me for a few seconds. I tried to put on a smile on my face despite the hatred within.

But Jason, ignoring me altogether, turned his eyes towards the road.

“Hello?” I tried again. Maybe this time, he will break his silence. Nope, no reply yet again.

‘Fine,’ if he wants to ignore me, then it’s his choice. I’m the victim here in this situation. But look who is acting like an angry bird, Jason, the rude, arrogant jerk.

I sighed, diverting my mind in anything that doesn’t involve Jason. I glanced outside the window, peering at the scenery as the car moves. I opened the car window, letting the cold air run through my face as the beautiful view of the suburban comforted the restlessness in my mind.

Staying like this for a few moments, letting the cold air calm my restless mind, I turned my head as I felt someone’s eyes over me. I’m shocked to see Jason’s sea blue focused on me, staring at me. But seeing me gawking at him, he instantly turned his head, looking at the road. “What?” I asked, but Mr. Jerk ignored me again. Strange creature.

Ignoring him, I continued peering outside the window, hoping the time to pass soon and we can finally reach our destination, his house.

Time flies and the car finally stopped. The awkward silence in the car was killing me and every minute felt like a deadly hour spends in torture.

I rolled my eyes, scanning the surroundings as I step out of the car. Standing on the pavement, I gazed at the villa in front of my view, which seems like a classic predominant timeless beauty with its symmetrical balance. And I don’t know why, but this villa is a genuine beauty to my eyes. I want to see how it looks from the inside.

However, admiring the impressive architecture does not last long for me. The noise of the slamming of the car door distracted my mind from appreciating the beauty ahead of me. And that was just another way for Jason to display his anger through his one-of-a-kind perspective.

“What is your problem?” Annoyed by his rude behavior, I grabbed his hand, preventing him move further.

Jason turned his head at my reaction, his blue eyes staring at my brown ones. “How dare you?” he said, withdrawing his hand from my grasp.

“How dare you,” I repeated his phrase, imitating his fierce appearance, staring deep into his eyes. “Who do you think you’re, huh......, and how dare to treat me like this? I was trying to be nice to you, wanted to talk to you. But what you did ignored me and treated me as if I’m a criminal.” My lungs were out of the air on ending my long speech.

But Jason the devil Gray doesn’t split a single word from his mouth. With his eyes focused on me, he paces slowly towards me, retreating my legs to move backward, until I felt something cold behind my back, making me move any further. Seeing me immobile, Jason put both his hands on either side of my shoulders, caging my body with his arms, sandwiching me in between the car and his body.

“Now, what were you saying,” Jason said, with his eyes staring at me, making me nervous by his fierce look or by the closeness between us.

“Let me go. I don’t want to talk to you,” I said, trying to escape from Jason’s grip, but he stopped me by putting his hand around my waist, hugging me hard.

“Nope,” he said, smiling deviously. “I’m no good at following orders, but if you say the same thing, gently and politely, who knows I could listen.”

“You...” Jason squeezed his hand on my waist. “You don’t know how much I hate you, Kiera.”

I tried to remove her hand from my waist. “The feeling is mutual,”

“Don’t play with the fire, Kiera. You’ll burn yourself,” said Jason, staring at me fiercely.

“Thank you for the warning, now leave me alone,”

“Why? You don’t love being in my arms, close to me.” Jason smirked devilishly at his words.

Jason, the devil Gray, he knows I hate being anywhere close to him, and this close is unacceptable. The closeness between us, making me both nervous and angry. I’m good at hiding my emotions from others, but that doesn’t make me less annoyed by the situation. And Jason knows it.

“NO, why would it be,” I said, mimicking his devilish smile.

“Oh yeah, then why do you want to leave,” He pulled me closer than before, holding my waist with his both hands now.

Maintaining the fake smile on my face, I pushed myself to think of something to escape from the devil’s grasp. My heart started beating faster and faster as each second pass. The longer I stayed close to him, the more numbed my senses become.

Jason, maintaining the closeness between our bodies, moved his index and thumb, holding my chin, his blue eyes scanning every expression on my face as he traced the pad of his thumb over my lower lips. The sensation of his touch made me lose whatever remaining sanity that’s left in me. And with all my senses blocked by his touch. My mind made me do something that I instantly regretted. I kissed him. I kissed Jason Gray.

Instant guilt fills me as I locked my lips with the guy that was the reason behind all the sorrow in mine and my dad’s life. But the regret soon turns into a rage upon realizing my mistake. And like a coward, I ed, concealing my presence from the person I just kissed. I’m so afraid to confront him for my mistake. So I ran.

“Daddy,” A voice shouted, stopping my footsteps. I swirled my head to see the source of the sound. That was coming from a little girl dressed in pink, who is running toward Jason with such excitement and happiness.

“Daddy,” Oh, wait! What........

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