The Girl He Hates

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“What the hell are doing here,” I asked the guy who is standing in front of me staring at me like a hungry beast waiting for his meal, from head to toe and my eyes.

“This is my house and I can come and go anywhere I wish,” he said as he stands next to the sink to wash his hands.
I immediately covered my body with a towel closer to reach and turn back, because I don’t want my husband to see me with nothing but a towel hanging around my naked body, so I turned my back not giving any attention to him.

“Don’t you have any manner, how can come in my bathroom without even knocking in” I heard him chuckled at my question without giving it any interest. And before I could ask any other questions, he was standing in front of me with his hands on either side of my shoulders and turning my back making me stand face to face with him as he sandwiched me between the wall and his body. And I tried my best to clasp my towel as tight as I can, hoping not to drop it in front of him because my hand are trembling standing so close to him in as drips from my wet hair and barely covered with a towel body. “What,” I asked thanking my lucky stars that my voice doesn’t sound weak or anxious.

“First this is my bathroom and second if you want privacy than lock the door while bathing,” he said and leaned his face on my neck sniffing me like a hungry predator ready for his prey and kissed my neck gradually swirling his tongue on my skin “You smell delicious,” he said and ran his hands lightly and sensually over my head to my nose and then to lips, I started breathing heavily as he runs the pad of his thump on my lower lip consciously. “What are you doing?” I asked as I clasp his arm with my left hand to stop him from doing whatever he is doing before my senses and body denies my sanity and make me do something which I can regret later.

“What do you think I’m doing,” he asked as he traced his lips over my right shoulder as one handhold my waist and the other hand holds my head. “I asked you first,” I said between breaths and he continues doing whatever he was doing and oh God I don’t wanna lie not to myself literally but whatever he is doing feels so good that I don’t want to stop him and that’s what I’m afraid of, not losing control and not to him actually.

He moved from my shoulder to my lips, as his lips touched my lips I lost whatever remaining sense I have at that moment, his lips taste my lips and his tongue began tasting my lips asking or fighting for entrance and as I open my mouth his tongue joined my tongue in my mouth playing or fighting for dominance with each other and as our kiss continues he hands moved to my hips pulling my body closer to him and at that moment I can feel something poking down on the stomach, Oh God it feels so good being kissed like these by someone whom I hate and my mind wanting me to stop and let go but my heart wants to continue and see what happens next and listening to heart I give in and positioned my hands on his face and my palm trace over cheeks which is rugged yet soft, then to his hair which feels like silk over my fingers and then gradually to his arms which is rugged, strong and muscular, this man is like Greek God expect for his hate towards me which I don’t know why he does.

“And this is how a person kisses,” he said breathlessly breaking our kiss.

“What, “I asked confused breathing heavily as to why he suddenly broke the kiss which so mesmerizing to asked something stupid.

He smirk and looked at me as his hands don’t leave my hips ” You have short term memory loss or something ”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean my wife that this is the taste of your own sin which you caused a little while ago in my parking lot in front of me. ”

I’m so mad right now that I can kick him so hard that he can’t sit on his ass for months “You, I will kill you”

“How? Naked ”

Naked what and that’s when I realized that I was in my towel when we were kissing and the kiss was so sensual that I somehow dropped it without any knowledge, and all the time we were kissing I was naked and he saw fucking everything I tried to hide. How can I be so stupid not knowing if I’m naked or not and now I’m so am embarrassed at myself that I want the ground to swallow me alive?

“Get lost,” I shouted covering my nudity with my arms as much as I can “Now”

“Fine, but don’t forget I’m your husband and I have the right to see and touch you with or without clothes,” he said as placed his jacket over my body covering it.

“Yeah in your dreams ” I mumbled to myself as he was leaving but he stopped as if heard me and walked gradually in towards my direction “That dor sure I see and in my dream you and me, me and you, we both lie naked in my bed with sheets tangled on our bodies as I fill with my essence and you moan my name loudly with so much pleasure,” he said and I opened my mouth breathless not finding any words to speak but he laughed loudly looking at my expression like I’m the foolish person in this world to him. But he looks so beautiful he laughs and his eyes twinkle like stars like he no worries that can hurt him, the realistic smile which comes from his heart, not the kind of smirk he does like the devil, and seeing him like this I don’t know why but it makes me smile too.

“You’re cute when shy and next time lock the door while bathing” I nodded but wait did he just complimented me, but before I could ask anything to him, he left me alone with his jacket wrapping around my body and his kiss wrapping in my mind.

Please someone save me from this devil I want to hate him for what he did but then why I want him to want me and do wicked things with me in his bed like he said, why?

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