The Girl He Hates

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Days passed of me living here in Jason's house as his wife, and nothing changed. Jason hates me and ignores me as much as he can. The one time that I can see him is when I'm Aria or when we run into each other way by default. The thing is, even after living with each other under the same roof for so many days, we are still strangers.

Jason doesn't come or sleeps in his bedroom because of me. Jason even moved his things into the bedrooms across from Aria, and his, only to stay away from me.

Why does he hate me so much that he can't even stay near to me? And if staying away is what he wanted, then why does he marry me? All this question is giving me a headache only by thinking about it. Darn you, Jason Gray, I hate you.

Aria is the only person who makes me feel alive here, even though she can only say a word, that's'Daddy.'

But if I want to chat or share my thoughts with someone, I have Mrs. Clinton, who the most cheerful person in this household with whom I can share my thoughts and feelings. Mrs. Clinton is someone who neither judges me nor stops me.

I basically started spending every hour of my day with Aria or Mrs. Clinton or talking to my dad for hours on the phone. And that's how I spend a day of my life, talking, chatting, playing, cooking in the kitchen, if not bored. And honestly, it's not by choice, but it's Jason who locked me in his house, not allowing me to get out. Or if I say it like him, with angry eyes and stern appearance, 'You...Kiera is not allowed to put a step out of this house without my permission,.... not even to meet your father.' and that the words of Jason Gray, not mine. If I ever get a chance, I will kick his ass so hard that he couldn't be able to sit for months.

Aria pulled on my shirt's sleeve, deflecting my attention towards her. Since it's Sunday and Ms. Clinton has her day off, I decided to make pancakes for breakfast. So here I'm in the kitchen making some blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

"You want some sweetheart," I asked Aria, and she nodded her head at my words, giggling sweetly.

"Good Morning, darling." Jason greeted Aria, walking down the stairs in the kitchen wearing nothing but sweatpants, topless coming from his home gym with his body covered in sweat showing o his rugged body. Tiny droplets of sweat rolls slowly, trickling down from his chest to his abs.

I shook my head, controlling my emotions, looking anywhere but at Jason. Show off, needs a chance to show o her prominent figure.

"I'm making some pancakes; you want some," Jason nodded at my question and sat beside Aria on the stool next to the kitchen table quietly. And although he ignores me every time he has a chance, like today, when

Jason doesn't have the demeanors to say 'Hello.' But he is okay to eat whatever I've cooked. Idiot!

As I'm making some hot pancakes for him, I sensed someone was staring at me. For a second, I thought so Aria but, I looked up, and it surprised me to see Jason's eyes focused on me.

"Daddy," Aria called Jason, reaching out to Jason with a little piece of pancake in her hand for Jason to eat. Jason, being the darling daddy, picked Aria up by making her on his lap. Eat the pancake from her hand, lightly nibbling her index finger in between his lips, making her laugh loudly.

Looking at them this way, happy with each other, I feel like a stranger here interrupting the family boding.

While I'm busy admiring the father and daughter bonding, I forgot that I left the pancake cooking on the pan and its burning, and as I grabbed the handle of the pan to move it away from the fire. My hand started to hurt and the pan falls loudly on the floor. How stupid am I to forgot that this damn pan doesn't have a heat-shield handle?

As my hand is throbbing in pain, I feel hands wrapped around my waist, pulling me towards the kitchen sink. " Are you fucking, stupid, or what?" Jason angrily responded, pouring, some icy water from the freezer over my burned hand, making it hurt less than before.

That's the first time I have seen Jason being worried for me and helping. "Does it hurts? Do you want me to call the doctor for you,"

I shook my head at his words. "I'm fine, just a little burn,"

"Are you sure no..... you stay here? I will go and call the doctor for you?" Jason said, picking up his phone to call.

"Jason, I'm fine. It's just a minor burn. I will be fine in a few days." I tried assuring him. " And aren't you overreacting a bit? It's not you care for me or anything?"

Jason silently stares at me with his face neutral, showing no emotions, "You're wrong, I do care," Jason mumbled, before leaving, without giving a second look.

Wait, did I hear him right, or it's just my making hallucinations? Nope, Jason will never say something like this to me.

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