Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 10: The Plan

As well as Beta’s and their mates. She does not deserve to be happy. She has ruined a lot of people’s lives. Kelly does not want her mate. She wants you, Alpha Troy. This must be done the right way. You must sneak around behind Peggy’s back. And you must tell her that you cannot touch, hold, or kiss her because Peggy would know being an Alpha. Sneak and meet to just talk. When she gets frustrated tell her.

When you reject Alpha Ryan and he accepts I will reject Peggy. But you must be there when she does it. Peggy and I got this. We will figure out when the time is right to start it. I decided to start dressing in shorter shorts during training. I not only now watched my mate but Alpha Troy during training. I walked onto the training field today and heard several of the she-wolf’s call me a slut.

I watched my mate too see if he would give my legs more than one look. I was frustrated that he did not even look at my legs. He would watch my form during my kicks, but he did not linger on my legs. I looked over and saw that Alpha Troy would occasionally look at them. I looked back over at my mate and noticed that he did look at Lisa’s legs and her breast. I growled.

It made me angry that he was eyeing that bitch but not his own mate. I am the one that all these males should be looking at. I had also worn a shirt that when I bent forward you could see my breast. I turned around and started the push-ups that my mate said to do. Again, he paid me no attention. But Alpha Troy would look over every now and then.

Soon I would have him doing more than looking. I looked back over to Ryan, my mate but again he was looking at Lisa. He is mine. He is not supposed to look at other she-wolfs. I do not understand why our mate bond is not increasing. At least mine is starting to. Then my wolf said since he first saw you and smelled those men on you, he has not thought about us.

I talked to his wolf and he does not want us either. He said that he and the human do not want a slut. Especially one who has had many men between her legs. The mate bond is not forming for him. And he is glad. I asked his wolf if he even thinks about us and he said no. He said he wished you would reject him. He also said that it is no skin off their balls if they stay our mate or not.

Fuck all the men we want because he does not feel a damn thing for us. I decided that I would chase after Alpha Troy. I heard that Luna Peggy and he had a disagreement and that was not like them. We were given a break and I walked over and grabbed a bottle of water. One of the sluts from Alpha Troy’s pack said have you heard? Heard what I asked her.

That Luna Peggy is accusing Alpha Troy of meeting a she-wolf in secret. She cannot prove it because her scent is not on, he has not kissed her or fucked her because she would have felt the pain. What makes you think he is seeing someone. One of the club members was in town and saw Alpha Troy eating dinner with a woman. He said she was drop-dead beautiful. But so is Luna Peggy.

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