Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 11: The plan Is Falling Into Place

I grinned at that. So, he is playing it smart. Not touching them or fucking or kissing them so that there is no scent. I am going to make sure that I run into Alpha Troy as often as I can. Well, has Alpha Troy ever cheated before? No way. That is why we are finding it odd. We threw our bottles in the trash and went back to practicing.

After five hours we were released from training. I heard my mate ask Alpha Troy what his plans were for tonight. I think I will take a run tonight around 7:00 before taking a shower and going to bed. I have not been on a good run for a while. We will have fun my mate told him and walked away. I know what I will be doing around 7:00. I know just where he will be running and after the run, he will stop at the creek for a drink of water.

I walked back to our territory with the other warriors. I walked to my bedroom and showered before dressing in a low-cut shirt and shorts along with sandals. I then walked down the stairs and to the kitchen to get a plate of food and water before walking to the dining room table. After I ate, I rinsed my things and put them in the dishwasher. I then looked at the clock and walked outside. I walked over to the woods and took my clothes and sandals off and hung them in the tree before I changed into my wolf.

I took off running through the woods enjoying the feel of my legs stretching out and the airflow through my fur. I ran until I reached the creek. I took a drink of water and lay down. I then saw Alpha Troy walk to the creek on the other side and take a drink. I saw him look over and see me laying there. I then watched as he turned and walked into the woods. He walked out wearing shorts. Hello, Kelly, he said as I walked out dressed in a tee-shirt that reached my knees.

Alpha Troy. How are things going in the Alpha Jakes pack house? Good. Some of the men are still working on the remodel of things, but everything is coming along. Tell me something, Kelly. Why are you not with your mate? He doesn't want me. How do you know that? He pays me no attention. Well, I have not seen you making the effort to get to know him. I looked her up and down. I have to say that you have grown up a lot since I last saw you.

Your legs are exceptionally long, and you have nice full breasts. Thank you, Alpha Troy. Why do you chase me when you know I have a mate? Because I like you. I always have. But you would not even look at me when we were in school. Oh, I have looked. Why did you treat me the way you did when I got to our new packhouse? What was I supposed to do with my mate sitting next to me?

I will be rejecting Peggy when I find the right female I want to have in my bed. Recently Peggy has not given me any sex. But that is fine. I heard you had dinner with a beautiful woman in town. Did I? That is what they say. I would like to fuck you Kelly but that is not going to happen. I will talk to a she-wolf, but I cannot touch her or have her scent on me.

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