Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 12: Kelly Is Falling In The Trap

When would you do that? Well, she would have to reject her mate in front of me. After he accepts if he does, then I will reject Peggy and drag that she-wolf to my bedroom and fuck her. But alas. I have yet to find the she-wolf who would reject her mate for me. I must get back to the packhouse. Have a nice rest of your evening. I watched Alpha Troy turn and walk to the woods.

I walked to the woods taking the shirt off and then turning into my wolf and heading home. Human, I felt his wolf wanting me. I want him to mate with me. Maybe if we reject our mate, he will meet us by the creek and mate. We must reject our mate in front of him. His wolf said that is because he wants to make sure that the she-wolf is not mated anymore.

I understand that. His wolf said once the she-wolf rejects her mate and her mate accepts. He is going to mine link Luna Peggy to meet him and then he will reject her with the she-wolf watching. I ran back to the packhouse and changed into my shorts. I walked in and saw that Peggy was sitting at the kitchen counter.

I walked over and winked at her when no one was watching. I knew to start the plan. I waited until a few pack members were watching and looked at Troy, gave him the finger, and walked up the stairs. Wow! one of the males said. Luna Peggy is mad at him. I wonder what Alpha Troy has done to make her angry. Can’t you smell it? Smell what? Take a sniff of Alpha, Steve said.

He would not do that, would he? It is Kelly’s scent. He might not have touched her, but her scent is on him. And he also did not tell our Luna that he talked to her or he even saw her. That bitch is going to try and come between Luna Peggy and Alpha Troy. I never thought that Alpha would mess with other women. I heard he was seen eating dinner with a woman in town.

They said the woman had long black hair and she is very pretty. I wonder who she is Steve said. Steve, what are you thinking? I am thinking that Troy is losing his mind. That is what I am thinking. Has he lied to us all these years about Kelly? What do you mean? I wonder if he did have sex with Kelly and she was sent away because she continued to nag Troy about claiming her. I do not know.

That is why she was kicked out of the pack. I wonder if that now that Kelly is back, they are picking up where they left off? Terry, you have to be kidding me. Alpha Troy knows that if he is having sex with Kelly, Luna Peggy will beat her to death and then leave this packhouse and go back to her Alpha Ryan’s leaving us without a Luna.

Then his dad and mom will have Alpha Jake send Kelly to another state or country. I am sure they will not be happy. I was looking out my bedroom window when Troy walked in. She believed that we are fighting I take it. She did. I even made her think that I had watched her in school. I smiled. So, what is next?

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