Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 13: Alpha Troy and Luna Peggy Prepare

Now we wait to see if she touches me to leave her scent on me to make it stronger. Then we have a fight. You will yell so all the pack members here you accuse me of cheating with her.

Then you throw some things hitting the walls. And then I get to storm out and get on my bike and ride to mom’s house. We make it look like I have been gone for a few days but not really.

I will cover my scent once you mind link me that she has snuck into our room. But love, I do know you will not do anything with her. You tell her that you want her to reject Ryan.

We will show up acting as I came for my clothes. You encourage Kelly to divorce, Ryan, and then tell her since I am here you will reject me.

I will growl and call her a slut and you a bastard. But you tell Kelly she has to reject Ryan first. This is going to be so good. I walked over and grabbed Peggy and lay her on the bed kissing her and slowly undressing her.

Back at Dottie’s house. Ryan walked into the kitchen and sat down. Shawn, can you put a spell on Kelly to reject me? Why did I not think of that? I can do one right now.

How about Training tomorrow we have her reject you? Have Alpha Troy and Luna, Peggy present. I will start the spell and "I said I will call Troy."

I walked to my room and dialed Troy’s phone. "What’s up Ryan?" You do know that Shawn is mine and Peggy’s godmother, don’t you? "I do." Did you know she is a witch? "I did." She is going to put a spell on Kelly to reject me during training tomorrow. You and Peggy must be there. I am so going to love this. I will get her angry by telling her that she is a worthless mate, and I do not want a slut for a mate. Tell her I will never mark, mate, or give her the Luna title.

This is going to be good. I watch her and then tell her the next time she comes to training dressed like a slut she will run 600 miles. I hope that she will then reject me.

"Do not worry we will be there." Great, let us get some sleep. By Troy. I lay in bed and decided to let my wolf put our plan out there. Spirit, are you there? I am here Star. Your human hates me and my human, doesn’t he?

Not just my human. "I hate both of you as well. You are just as much of a slut as your human. And do act as if you are innocent. I know that she let you out and you fucked another male wolf."

"Not only does my human want a mate who is pure, but so do I. I will never reject you, but, I will never fuck you or mark you as my mate. So why don’t you go back into your human’s mind while that male finishes fucking her?"I went back into Ryan’s mind and closed my link to my mate. "I made her angry human. I told her that neither one of us wants a mate that is a slut and neither one of us will fuck or claim them."

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