Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 14: Training

We had training today. I don't want to go due to the pain from last night. Alpha Jake knocked on my door, he yelled for me to get my ass to training now. Getting ready now Alpha Jake I said. I climbed out of my bed, showered, and drove to Alpha Troy's territory. As I walked to the training ground I saw Alpha Troy, and Luna Peggy standing next to my mate. My mate was talking to Lisa the new head warrior. I growled as my mate touched her. He is mine. He should not be touching another she-wolf.

I walked by them growling and stood in line. As I turned and looked at the warriors I looked at Kelly. Good for you to finally make it to training Kelly. For being 30 minutes late you will do 100 situps now. I looked at my mate in anger. The more I looked at him the angrier I became. I know that you know I am your mate, Alpha Ryan. And your point I asked with my arms crossed. I do not believe that you don't feel the pain. I have no idea what you are talking about Kelly.

I had just what I wanted. Everyone's attention on me and to make Alpha Ryan out a liar. Really I asked? You are going to stand there and lie? I grabbed the male warrior in front of me and kissed him. I fell to the ground in pain instead of Alpha Ryan. I had enough I yelled. I Kelly reject you, Alpha Ryan, as my mate now and forever. Shit, I screamed holding my stomach and crying. I watched as Alpha Ryan stood there looking down at me smiling.

I Alpha Ryan accept your rejection now and forever. Thank you, for rejecting me, Kelly. Do you want to know why? I will tell you why. I and my wolf doesn't want a slut and whore for a mate. We do not want a mate who is a bully towards others or who chases other Alphas that have mates. Alpha Troy, you said if I rejected my mate you would reject Luna Peggy. I do not ever recall telling you that I would reject my mate for your Kelly. And I do not plan on rejecting my mate now or ever.

Oh, and Kelly. You can never have pups or a second chance mate since you rejected yours. Now, I would suggest that you back to Alpha Jakes and get some rest. You will be doing training tomorrow, Sat, and Sunday to make up for the days you have missed. Everyone present watched as Kelly stood up and made her way to her car. Now, let's get back to training. It should be a good day today I said.

Lisa, take them on their 300-mile run. I have some things to discuss with Alpha Troy and Luna Peggy. I am glad I do not have to be around that slut anymore. She was really trying to get me to tell her I would reject Peggy and claim her. She chooses to behave the way she did and now she faces the consequences. What is really going to be fun is when you do find your second chance mate. Kelly having to watch as another she-wolf carries your pups.

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