Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 15: Two Weeks Later

I have to continue to attend training and my wolf keeps whining at me. She tells me that I should not have rejected our mate even though he would not claim us. Now we can never have our own pups. I told her to shut up because she was just as much a slut as I was. I noticed that more and more she has stopped talking to me. I am starting to get scared. If she refuses to change I will lose her. She will die and I will become human. I have had more pain when I try to have sex so I have not had it as often. I asked Alpha Jake if I could leave the territory and he told me no.

What are your plans for today, love, I asked my Luna? I smiled at Jake. I am going to Alpha Troys territory for the baby shower today. That's today, I asked her smiling at her. I forgot. Jake, you didn't forget. You are right, I didn't forget. Take guards with you. I love you, Sara. I love you too Jake. I watched as Sara walked out the door to go to Troy and Peggy's packhouse. Sara can have the baby any time now so there is always someone with her.

I arrived at Peggy's packhouse and rang the doorbell. The door was opened by a she-wolf who had a smile on her face. Welcome Luna, Sara. Please follow me. I followed the she-wolf into the living room. It was decorated with baby items and balloons hanging down from the ceiling. Sara, I am glad you could make it Peggy said hugging me. Then Luna Dottie and Luna Robin hugged me. Sara, it is so good to see you again Luna Robin said. Now let us sit down and have some food and something to drink.

Sara, I am so happy that Pam rejected Jake and that you are his second chance mate. I always wanted you in the family somehow. Now that both my sons have found their mates, I can be happy. Oh, I know that I am not Jake's mother, but when she was killed I took over that role so you must call me mother or mom like Jake does. You will have my first grandchild. Peggy when will we be having good news from you and Troy? Not for a while. We want to be together for at least one year before we have our first pup.

But only the moon goddess knows when we will have that pup. But let's celebrate Sara's pup. We were enjoying ourselves and Sara opened all her gifts and she hugged me crying. Where did you get this Peggy? When you left and told me that you could not take your most valued treasure. Well, I went to your house and brought it and all of these things home with me. I moved from in front of her. Did you clean my old room out? I never thought to see any of these things again. Sara hugged me and thanked me. All the baby clothes she had ever collected or made, or her mother, sisters, and grandmother had made were sitting in front of her.

I even took what you cherished the most. I moved again. I saw her eyes tear up. My grandmother's hope chest. I never thought to see it again. Why would you do this? We are cousins and best friends. I refused to let someone else end up with your prized possessions. Thank you, Peggy.

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