Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 17: Jade Meets Ryan

As we walked to the training field. We saw Jade stop and sniff the air. My wolf is dancing in my head. "Mate, Mate" Our mate is here and he is an Alpha. We continued to walk to the training ground. I stopped talking and sniffed the air. My wolf was dancing. "Mate, second chance Mate." I turned and saw her. She is the woman from my dream. Mate, I said walking to her. We are mates I said. Yes, we are. I am Alpha Ryan. Beta Jade. We hugged each other and we heard a growl in the lines.

Take your hands off my mate Kelly said. I turned and looked at her grinning. Don't you mean my mate I said looking her up and down? You rejected him. I am his second chance mate. I also am not a slut. Now, who would like to challenge Jade in a match? I will. Kelly, Peggy beat you. What makes you think you can beat a Beta? I can beat her for her size alone. I laughed and said well then. Let's get this party started. Kelly made her first mistake by not moving slow. Jade grabbed Kelly's arm and swung her over her head. The fight went on for about 10 minutes before Jade decided to end it. She threw Kelly against a tree and Kelly called it quits.
I walked over to stand next to my mate. If this bitch thinks she is going to take back her rejection and claim my mate she better think twice. I did not know that the rejection was said as "now and forever." I watched Kelly and saw the anger on her face. If looks could kill I would be dead. After the training was over for the day I Alpha Ryan walked with us to the packhouse. I was given the other guest bedroom in the Alpha Wing to use. I took a shower and changed into a bra, underwear, shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals.
I walked down the hallway and started down the stair. Before I got far I was pulled into a bedroom and was looking up at my mate. He leaned down and smelled my neck. You do know that you have to contact your brother about me? I know I said smiling at him. And you have to move to my house with me? I know that as well. Have your brother pack your things and bring them here. We need to meet him. I will do that Ryan. I heard him moan. Say my name again. Ryan. He leaned down and kissed me. You will come to my house when I leave here tonight.
I need to go to the motel and pack my things we can do that later. Yes, we can. Let's go downstairs and meet with Peggy, Troy, Sara, and Jake. We held hands as we walked down the stairs and to the game room. We sat down on the couch and were talking to Peggy when Sara gasped. My water broke she said in a calm voice. We all ran around to get her to the hospital. We were in the waiting room talking for what seemed hours.
We looked up and saw Troy carrying a bundle in his arms. Meet our new Alpha. Alpha Raven. He is so cute. How is Sara doing? She is doing fine. She is resting right now. She will get to leave tomorrow. Well, you spend time with Raven and Sara. We will drop by your packhouse tomorrow to visit. See you later I said dragging Jade away and out of the hospital and to my car.
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