Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 18: Ryan Mates & Marks Jade

We drove to the motel that Jade was staying at. Once we walked into the room I had her against the wall kissing her. This is my mate. She is perfect for me. I lifted her and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I moved toward the bed where I lay her down. I followed her down and lay between her legs. I kissed my way down her neck and found the spot I will mark soon. I felt her move her hands to my waist and grip my shirt. She raised it over my head and threw it across the room. Then she raised her shirt over her head. I made love to Jade that night.

He made love to me a second time that night. Ryan marked me and made me his Luna. I leaned down and licked her neck and bit her. Holding her as she screamed. Then nothing but pleasure flew through me. I made love to her again. Then she marked me as hers. We made love all night until the early morning hours.

Back at Alpha Jakes packhouse, Kelly woke up screaming in pain holding her neck. He marked and mated that bitch. He made her his Luna. I was supposed to be his Luna. My wolf yelled. You didn't want him. You still thought you would get Alpha Troy. Now we will never have a mate. You rejected our mate. We will never have pups. You just could not keep your legs shut. You have only yourself to blame. I told you not to reject our mate. You would not listen to me.

We will have to watch not only Alpha Troy and Luna Peggy together but now we have to watch our mate with a new mate. He is not our mate anymore. He is hers. Shut up. I will shut up. I will not turn until you find us a mate. I lay back down and tried to sleep. But the pain was almost too much to handle. After a few hours, it was finally over. He made love to her for hours. That should have been me. But I just had to ignore him and continue to fuck others. But, he never felt the pain. I did.

We finally fell asleep. I made love to Jade again before getting a shower. But we also made love in the shower. We carried her belonging to the car and she checked out of the motel. I drove us to my house where I introduced Jade to my mother. Mom hugged her and smiled. I am so happy he found you, Jade. You will make a good Luna. And it is good that you are friends with Sara and Peggy. Now, when are you two going to give me grandkids mom asked? We laughed and told her not for at least one year. Or when the Moon Goddess decides it is time for us to have pups.

I carried Jade's belongings to my room. I helped her to put what she had brought with her away before we walked out to the kitchen to talk with mom. Jade got along with my siblings and she and mom started baking. I sat and smiled at my mate. Mom likes her. I am happy. Happy that I got a second chance made that was not a slut or whore. She had called her brother and when I found out who it was I grinned. We were friends. His name is Alpha Tony. Troy, Tony, and I went to college together and we were all roommates.

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