Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 19: Kelly Is Sent To Another Pack

The next day at training everyone noticed that Alpha Ryan had marked the woman standing next to him. We all knew that Kelly had rejected him now he has a second chance mate. He did not wait to mark her. We watched as Kelly looked at the mark and she was angry. We were enjoying the fact that she threw one Alpha away thinking that Alpha Troy will reject Luna Peggy. Just how stupid is Kelly? We watched as Alpha Troy walked to the front of the warriors along with Alpha Jake. Then we noticed another Alpha standing next to them. He was a huge man. And he had a hard look on his face. Kelly front and center.

What is going on we wondered. Kelly, you are being sent to the Red Warrior pack. This is Alpha Destroyer. We hope that you can learn to control your inappropriate behaviors at his pack. He is a no-nonsense Alpha. Alpha Destroyer. I looked at the bitch standing in front of me. Listen up, Kelly. I do not put up with shit in my packhouse. If you are looking to get laid forget it. I slowly smiled. Unless you like women. Everyone in my pack is kept separated unless they are mates. And I would not look at the mated men if I were you. Single women are kept on one side of the territory and the single woman on the other with guard and a fence between them. You have one hour to pack everything you own. A van will be at Alpha Jake's packhouse at that time. If you are not packed what is not will be left behind.

Also, you will not be needing your car or bike if you have one. They will be stored by Alpha Jake. Your one hour starts now. I would not waste time so get going. We saw the shock on her face. I said now! We watched as she took off running to her car. Good riddance. Alpha Destroyer I hope that you don't end up with a lot of problems on your hands. Kelly has been a handful here. Very disobedient and thinks she can do what she wants when she wants. She sleeps around a lot. She rejected her mate. Who was her mate? I was her mated Alpha Ryan said. But, I got a second chance mate and she is not a slut. Kelly has chased Alpha Troy throughout high school and when she arrived here she found out I was her mate but she ignored me and continued to have sex with other males and then she rejected me. Kelly thought that Alpha Troy would reject Luna Peggy and then claim her, mark, and mate her.

Kelly is not to be trusted. She will sneak into your bedroom and your bed. She will try to come between mated couples. She is a menace. Not to worry, Alpha Ryan. We can manage Kelly. She will be supervised at all times. Many of the single women in my pack do not like cheaters, sluts, or whores. Kelly will find that most of the men as well want to remain pure for their mates. Well, don't say we did not warn you. I smiled at all of them and said. I look forward to breaking her. I looked at my watch. Time to go. If she is not fully packed she will take what is. Good day to you Alpha Troy, Alpha Ryan, Luna Jade. We watched as Alpha Destroyer turned and walked towards the packhouse.

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