Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 2: Kelly

Imagine that. I so enjoyed the shocked look on your face when you found out your mate is an Alpha. You did not take the time to sniff that out, did you? But he sniffed out the male scents that you have been fucking. I looked at Luna, Peggy in anger when she said that her brother will not get close to me, and he will make sure that she knows it.

You see Kelly, my brother hates sluts and whores. And you may be a warrior, but guess who will be training all the warriors? That is right my brother, your mate. He will not go easy on you. I cannot wait to watch what he does. I watched as Kelly walked away. She is going to be trouble, Troy. I know. I will have to watch my back. She has chased me since we were in school. I never touched her or any of the girls in the pack.

I rode into the driveway of our house. I walked in and looked at mom. Ryan what is wrong. I found my mate. She belongs to Alpha Jakes pack. She is a warrior. That is good. I am happy for you. Mom, she is a slut. I could smell at least 10 different male scents on her. And she has her eyes on Troy. What is her name? Kelly. I saw mom look at me. Not the Kelly that Troy’s father kicked out of the pack years ago. The same.

She acted like she did not know I was her mate. I do not think she took the time to smell I was an Alpha. I see. All I can say is that you make it hard on her. Ignore her. I will not reject her, but I am not going to mark and mate her either. I will be training all the warriors and she will be in the training. Make it difficult for her. Treat her no different than you would another she-wolf. Do not show your emotions. If she touches you show you do not feel the sparks.

But the bonding. I looked at mom who was grinning. I have a friend that is a witch. She can help us with that. What? She can put a spell on you that will stop the mate bonding for however long you want. Can she put it on for at least two years? That way I do not suffer when if she is fucking another male? Let me call her. Now you go and lay down and rest. I watched as Ryan walked toward the stairs.

I picked up my cell phone and dialed Shawn’s phone number. Dottie, how are you? I have not heard from you for a while. I am good. What about you? Good. What can I do for you? I told her about what Ryan had said. Then I heard Shawn say, that bitch is back? I take it you know her. I certainly do. I will help him. And I will throw in a special spell for Kelly. I never wanted anything to do with you than and I do not even now that you are back. Besides, I happen to have a mate. I could not believe it. Troy has a mate.

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