Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 20: Group Vacation

It has been six months since Kelly left the Alpha Jakes packhouse He stated it has been so nice and quiet. So we all decided to take a vacation together and go to the cabin in Kentucky. Luna Dottie is going to keep Sara and Alpha Jakes baby. Sara, Peggy, and Jade were so excited. They can't wait to visit all the second-hand shops and find quilts, feather pillows, and other antiques. They also want to ride the horses through the woods. Jake, Ryan, and Troy are excited to be able to run the forests and hunt in wolf form. And they all can't wait to relax, drink, and take in the sun as well as summer night.

We yelled at the girls letting them know they were leaving. We got into the RV's and started driving out of the pack territory. We were taking Alpha Jake's private plane. After we land we are renting a van so we can all ride together. Alpha Ryan's family owns a 15 bedroom, Cabin with private bathrooms, kitchen, living room, front and back porch with a hot tub. Alpha Ryan called and let the caretaker know that we were coming and to have the cabin cleaned, and stocked with food for two weeks.

We arrived at the cabin and took our suitcases in. We chose the rooms we liked and unpacked. Then we put on comfortable clothes before walking down the stairs. The men started the grill and put the stakes on and we women put potatoes in the microwave and made a salad. We then carried the beer out and handed it to the men before we sat down in chairs on the porch and drank our beers. Ryan looked at all of us and said, "I have an announcement to make." I have bought the territory on the other side of Troy. I am starting to build there. Several of my uncles and stepfathers younger pack members have asked to become members of my pack. What is the name of your pack going to be Ryan? I can't decide. I have either "The Rose Pack" or "The Red Moon Pack. So, what do you all think? I know that territory. There are a lot of roses on the territory. You should name it the "Red Rose Pack." Well, then the "Red Rose Pack" it is.

We will all help you clean the land and build your packhouse and cottages for married families. I am so glad we are all friends. Well, Jake and you are cousins Troy. And Sara, I, your's and Peggy's cousin. We will have the best packs around. Yes, we will. So, when do you plan on starting the clearing of the land? I think next week. I think we should go over there and take a look around. Decide where to build then start cleaning that area. Let's do that. Now that is settled let just enjoy our vacation.

So how are things going now that Kelly is gone, Ryan asked. You would not believe how much tension is gone. Everyone is breathing easier. Sara and I put our foot down on the sluts. We informed them of the new rules of the packhouse and the teenagers that had been unruly when Kelly was here have toed the line. They know that we are not going to tolerate disrespect or acting out again. So you all really should come for a BBQ and find out for yourselves. We will do that. We girls will get togeather and pick some dates and work on the menu.

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