Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 21:Iris Moves To Town

We were cleaning the land on my territory when I heard whistles. I turned and saw my cousin Iris. Iris, what are you doing here? Dad said I could move to your packhouse Ryan. He thinks I might find my mate here. I hugged her and introduced her to Sara, Jake, Troy, and Jade. Iris is 18 years old. She has not found her mate yet. Iris is also a doctor. This is perfect. We know have a doctor for our pack. I am going to go and talk to aunt Dottie. You do that Iris. Jade and I will be there in a few hours. I watched as she walked over and got on her bike and left. I looked over at Jade and smiled. We should invite my brother to meet Iris. They could be mates. Doug has been looking for his mate since he was 16 years old. He is 21 now. Let us do that once we have our opening house I said kissing her.

We had been clearing the land for one week now. It is almost ready to start the building. We have Jakes and Troys as well as the members of mine that can get everything built in two weeks. We looked at the time and decided to call it a day. We drove to Mom's house. When we walked in she told us to all wash-up and go out back the food is almost ready. We were enjoying ourselves when we all sniffed the air. Roughs. We watched as the rough King walked out. Hello Alphas, Troy, Ryan, and Jake. Welcome, we said. I stopped by to let you know that we would be moving through your territories on our way to Canada. We won't be returning for at least one year. Wanted to let you know just in case any roughs are spotted that they are not part of my pack. Good to know. We will see you next year then. Have a safe trip we said as he turned and walked into the woods.

We continued to eat when mom looked over at me. Ryan, as soon as your packhouse is built I will be taking the kids and going to my mate's packhouse We will return for the opening of your house. It is time you went home, mom. You didn't have to stay. Peggy and I are adults. I know that Ryan. I just wanted to wait until you found your second chance mate. I looked over at Shawn. I will be leaving as well. You know how to contact me should you ever need me. I go, Shawn. Thank you, so much for being here. Where else would I be when my godchildren needed me? I kissed her cheek. Do you need a mate? I am a witch, not a wolf. You still need a mate. Maybe one day. Maybe.

After we all ate Jake, Sara, Peggy, and Troy drove back to their territory. Jade and I went to our room and got ready for bed. We had to be up early to start building the packhouse. I made love to Jade most of the night though. Getting up early just flew out the door. Jade is the best thing that ever happened to me. I thank the moon goddess every night and day for Jade. I do feel sorry for Kelly though. She like some other she-wolves just can't accept their place and not cheat on their mates. Now the moon goddess has changed the rules on them.

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