Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 22: Birthday Party For Peggy & Ryan

We have all been working hard today. We have been keeping Luna Peggy busy elsewhere why the pack members cooked, baked, and decorated for Luna Peggy's birthday party. Alpha Troy has taken her shopping and to the fair in the county next to ours. Everything is almost ready. We are waiting for Alpha Troy to text Luna Robin that they are on their way back to the packhouse. 10 minutes later Luna Robin mine links that they will be here in five minutes. We were waiting in the back yard. It was quiet and dark.

Here they come she mine linked the pack. The lights came on as they walked out into the back yard. Happy Birthday, Luna Peggy we all shouted. Thank you, I said. We ate a good meal and I opened my gifts and thanked everyone for thinking about me. We watched the little ones play games and we played a game of touch football. We all had a good time. Soon the adults started taking the children home to put to but and the rest of us adults sat by a fire and sang and told ghost stories.

After three hours the older couples walked to the packhouse and our rooms. I lay in Troy's arms and smiled after he had made love to me. Are you happy Peggy? Very happy but for one thing. I would be even happier if we were to have a pup. One day will have a pup. I can't wait for that day Troy. We closed our eyes and fell asleep. I dreamed of having a pup with Troy. We watched him grow into manhood. I was woken by Troy and he told me that he was meeting Jake and Ryan today. I sighed and said I am going to sleep a little longer.

I finally got up two hours later. I showered and dressed before walking down the stairs and got breakfast. I then made my rounds and talked with several pack members to inquire how they were and if they needed anything. Next, I walked over to the orphanage to see the kids and make sure they were being provided for. I was walking back to the packhouse when Troy mine linked me. I smiled as he told me he missed me and wanted to take a nap when he came home. That meant he wanted to have some fun.

I smiled to myself. I love Troy so much and he is very good at keeping me happy. I would stay in bed with Troy all day if we could get away with it. We have been together for almost a year now. I am looking forward to having pups with him someday. But not yet. We still have to get to know each other more. And by that, I mean spending it in bed. Once the pups come we will not have much time for that. I thought about the party and how much fun it was. We need to have BBQs at least once a month or every two months.

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