Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 23: The Elders Visit

I walked to Troy's office and over to his desk. I sat down on his lap and he kissed and licked my mark. I moaned and moved my hands under his shirt. Soon he had my pants off and he was pleasuring me until I gasped his name. Then he pushed into me and we both flew high and came down gasping for breath. Troy walked to the small bathroom and brought back a washcloth. He washed me off and I put my pants back on. Baby, I will never get enough of you he said kissing me. Troy, if you don't stop you will bend me over the desk next. Not a bad idea. No. What is going on? I feel you are distracted.

The Elders are coming to visit the packhouse. And why does that worry you? They never do that unless something is wrong. Well, you will have to wait and find out what they want. When are they coming? They will be here in two hours. We better go and shower before meeting them then I said. We walked to our room and showered. Just as we were walking down the stairs the doorbell rang. I stood next to Troy as Beta Mark opened the door. Good day Elder John, Elder Lisa. Good day, Beta Mark.

Alpha Troy, Luna Peggy. Good day Elder John, Elder Lisa. Won't you come in? Alpha Troy, Luna Peggy may we speak with you in private. Yes, follow me to my office. We walked up the stairs to the second landing. We turned left and walked to the office. Once we were all in Troy shut the door. Please have a seat. Troy walked around the desk and sat down. I sat down on the couch. What can I do you, Elders? Alpha Troy, we have lost two of our Elders last month. A suggestion has been made that your parents replace the two Elders we lost. We have come to talk to you for some advice. What advice can I give you? Well, do you think that your parents would talk with us regarding these issues? I am sure at your request Luna Robin and Alpha Randy will hear what you have to say.

Are they here? Yes, they are here. I will mine link them and ask them to come to my office. I mine linked my mom and dad. They are on their way. Would you like privacy to speak with them? If you do not mind. No, I don't mind. If you need Peggy or myself just have mom or dad mine link us. If we do not see you before you leave we wish you a good day. Good day to you and Luna Peggy as well. Peggy and I walked out of the room when dad and mom arrived. As we walked down the stairs we grabbed cups of coffee before sitting on the back patio. Do you think your dad and mom will accept the positions? I don't know. Dad did want to retire. But it would be something they have to decide.

I leaned over and kissed Troy. I love you. I love you to Peggy. You do know that the Alpha conference is coming up soon? I know. We have to go to Peggy. I know that Troy. It is expected of us. It will be nice having Ryan and Jake with us. Yes, it will. But, I do hate flying. I know love. But we will be just fine. You girls can do some shopping while we are in New York. I guess. I hope the motel rooms are soundproof. I saw Troy grin at that. If they aren't there might be some complaints.

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