Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 24: The Alpha Conference

The Alpha Conference was held in Atlanta Georgia. As, Troy, I, Jake, Sara, Ryan, and Jade got out of the car we looked over and saw mom and Mike. Along with Troy's parents. We had not gotten the chance to talk with them since the Elders had been at the packhouse. We do not know what their decision is regarding becoming the new elders. They walked over and kissed all of us and we all walked into the hotel. We were given the key cards to the rooms we were assigned. We were all on the same floor which turned out to be a good thing.

We were getting ready for dinner when Troy received a phone call. He walked back in and he put his arms around me. I licked and sucked my mark while he rubbed his fingers on my clit. I moaned as he bent me over the table and pushed his cock inside me. Faster baby I screamed at him. I felt him push his cock in me and the sensations were spreading from his rubbing my clit. I screamed his name. Then I felt him move his hips and he grabbed my hips slamming me back toward him.

Peggy, I cannot get enough of you. Troy, I would love to skip dinner and stay in our room and make love but we can't. No, we can't so we better get a shower and get ready before they pound our door down I said laughing. We walked to the shower but ended up making love again. We finally were ready to go down to the dining room.

Just as we started to open the door there was a knock. We looked at each other grinning. I watched as Troy opened the door. Are you two ready? We are. Troy took my hand as we walked out of the door and he shut it behind us. We all walked to the elevator and took it to the dining room. We were escorted to a large table in front of the platform. Troy pulled out my chair and I sat down.

I was across the table from mom. So, Peggy how are things going at Alpha Troy's packhouse. Really well. Good to hear. It is good to see your brother and you happy. I heard that Ryan's first mate rejected him without giving him a chance. It was for the best. I remember when he brought Jade home to his Packhouse.

She is good for Ryan. She is. And we all get along well. That is a good thing. We also all train together. All of us being close together make good allies and are strong. You will all do very well in keeping your pack's safe Peggy. Now that is over with. What are you not saying, mother? Your brother Chris may be the next Alpha for your uncle's pack soon. Your uncle is dying. That will be good for Chris. I wish him the best.

We all know that Chris would make a good Alpha. And that he will make a good father. Wait, Terry is pregnant? She is going to have a pup? Can I tell Troy? Yes, later in your bedroom but not right now. Fine. So, when are you and Troy going to have pups? I don't know mom. When the moon goddess sees fit to give them to us. But, we are in no hurry.

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