Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 25; Ryan & Jade Goe To The Cabin

Back at our packhouse Ryan and I are getting ready to go to the cabin for some alone time. We have not had much time alone since we met. We have mated and marked each other but Ryan has been trying very day as well as working paperwork for his own packhouse house. So we have decided to take a two-week break just to be alone. I looked up as Ryan walked in the door and sniffed the air. Jade, we need to hurry. I know I said looking at me.

Let's go before your scent spreads around the territory. You are going into heat. Ryan hurried me out of our room and down the stairs. As we passed the living room we saw several single wolves sniffing the air. I heard Ryan growl. As their heads turned and looked at me. Get in the car Jade. I ran and got into the car locking the door after me. Ryan threw the suitcases in the trunk and got in and started the car.

We looked up to see more men running from the woods. I gripped the seat as Ryan drove out of the driveway and towards the cabin. Ryan looked at me and said "Jade, we need to hurry I said sweat beading my forehead." We arrived at the cabin 20 minutes later. He opened his door after shutting the car off and ran to my door. I laughed as Ryan almost tore the door off the car. He grabbed me and pulled me into the cabin locking the door.

We made it to the bedroom before it hit me. I grabbed Ryan and started to rip his shirt from his body. I tore my clothes off and soon we were both naked. I pulled Ryan down to the bed with me before I started to kiss him. I watched as he moved down my body and finally reached the area I really wanted him to be. He licked and sucked my clit until I was screaming his name.

We made love five more times before we fell asleep exhausted. It was getting dark out and the heat had cooled down enough for us to take a shower and for Ryan to bring our suitcases in. I made us soup, and grilled cheese sandwiches. As we finished my heat was back. I sat down on Ryan and rubbed against his cock. I reached into his shorts and pulled it out. He stood me up and shoved my shorts down past my hips.

I kicked them off and then sat down on his cock moving my hips. As Jade rode me I sucked first one nipple and then the other before grabbing her hips standing up and lay her on the kitchen table. I pushed in and out of her faster until I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. I pushed into her once more before I shot in her.

Fuck Jade I love you in heat. I don't because it hurts. That is until you make love to me I said looking into his eyes. We managed to take another shower and to sleep for another hour before the pain hit me. I rolled over and sat on Ryan. I kissed him working my way down his chest. I lifted my hips and sat down on his cock. I rode him faster this time and I felt him reach down and rub my clit until I screamed his name.

It has been one week and the heat is going away. I won't complain. I am very able to satisfy my mate. I grinned and thought that as much as we made love if she doesn't get pregnant I won't mind too much. I will have more time with just her before a baby come along.

I woke up the next morning and realized my heat was gone. We continued to enjoy being at the cabin. We are finally able to ride horses, go into town shopping and eat as well as take walks in the woods. I looked over at Jade and smiled at her. My mate is very beautiful and she is active as well. Ryan, I love it here. I hate to go back to the packhouse. I know babe. But we have to. After all, I am the Alpha and you are their luna.

We made the most of our last night at the cabin as we are leaving in the morning. We talked and decided that once every six months we will come back to the cabin for two weeks. That way I can make my mate scream as much as she wants. Not that I don't make her scream at the packhouse. Our room is very soundproof.

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