Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 26: Peggy's Surprise

I had just walked out of the bedroom into the hall when I saw Jade walking toward me. As she reached me I smiled at her. I heard that you went into heat as you were leaving to go to the cabin I said looking at her grinning. I did but we could not have been at a better place for my heat. I laughed and said you have that right. Anyway, you are looking much more relaxed. I am that as well. Let's go get some coffee and sit on the back porch.

We walked down the hallway and the stairs and walked into the kitchen. Just then a little ball of fur ran across the kitchen floor and was attacking Peggy. I looked up to see Troy walking in. He leaned against the wall with his arms folded. We watched as Peggy lifted the small dog into her arms. You are the cutest thing we heard her say as she pets the dog. Where did you come from?

He's yours Troy said smiling. Mine? Yes yours. I bought him for you. I saw how much you wanted him when we walked past the pet store and you saw him in the window. I could see how much you liked him so here he is. I ran over and hugged Troy. Thank you, I love him. I'm glad I said reaching up and putting her hair behind her ear. I then leaned down and kissed her.

What will you name him? I don't know but I will think of something. I have work to do so if you need me I will be in my office. I smiled as he walked up the stairs. He is so cute Jade said to me. He is and I did want him. Now, Jade tell me why you are glowing. I looked at Jade waiting to hear what she had to say. I'm pregnant.

I am so happy for you. I can't wait to have a niece or nephew.How did Ryan take you going into heat? He growled at all the single male wolves. He ran with me out to the car and threw me in.

Peggy what is it? I have been with Troy for a long time. I know that Ryan told me. But, we don't have any pups of our own. I wonder if something is wrong with me. Nothing is wrong with you Peggy.

I see all the other she wolves having pups but not me. I looked at Jade. What's wrong Peggy? I heard some rumors. What about? That the new Alpha of the Wild Moon pack's sister moved to his pack house. So what.

Where do you think Troy has been spending most of his time? I saw her eyes get big. I have been feeling some pains every now and then. And just at the moment I grabbed my chest. He is kissing someone Jade. I was furious.

I took off running and turned into my wolf. I ran to the new Alpha's territory. I stopped at the edge of the woods. No, I don't believe it. He was kissing another woman. I changed and didn't bother putting clothes on.

I walked over and said. Alpha Troy. He looked at me with shocked eyes. Doe's this bitch know that you have a mate? and just so you know. Luna Peggy knows you are cheating. Just then the woman looked at Alpha Troy.

Mate? You have a mate? Yes, I have a mate. Then why the hell are you messing with me? Flirting with me? I looked at Alpha Troy with sadness. And let me tell you Alpha Troy. The whole Pack felt it. Felt our Alpha cheating on our Luna.

We all hate you right now. I turned and changed. I ran to the pack house. It was a mess when I walked in. Alpha Troy's office was torn apart, And then we heard the roar. Oh shit. Alpha Ryan is tearing the woods apart.

Where is Luna Peggy? Up there. Up where? The attack. What is she doing up there. Look out the window. I saw furniture flying out the window. What is she doing? Not sure. Someone needs to call Alpha Jake and Sara.

This is Alpha Jake how can I help you. I was shocked hearing that Alpha Troy was kissing another woman and that Peggy was in the attic throwing furniture out the window. Sara come on we have to go to Troy's pack house. Peggy is going crazy.

It is her Alpha Blood. What happened? Oh no he didn't? Yes he did. Jade saw him herself. We ran to Troy's pack house and I barely missed being hit with a chair. Then we heard Ryan's roar. Hell is about to happen. Ryan can fell Peggy's pain. The whole damn pack can feel her pain.

Then Peggy walked down the stairs and handed a blueprint to one of our builders. The attack takes up the the whole length and width of the house. I want this done by tomorrow. We will get it done Luna Peggy.

Oh, and I want that private elevator done on the outside of the house up and working. I walked to Troy's office and sat down I called the new Alpha. This is Luna Peggy, Alpha Troys mate. I want to talk to your Alpha.

This is Alpha Jeff how can I help you Luna Peggy? You can keep your fucking sister away from my mate. I don't know what you are talking about. Ask the bitch then. My pack can feel the pain of my mate cheating. They were caught by my own brothers mate. My brother is Alpha Ryan.

They are together right now at the edge of your woods. If my mate refuses to stay away from her I will call your sister out for a fight to the death. I know I will kill her. I have Alpha blood and she doesn't. Fuck I gasped. You make them stop or I kill her tonight. I slammed the phone down.

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