Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 27: Alpha Troy Is Shocked

I was sitting on the grass kissing Kathy. I forgot that Peggy was feeling everything. Suddenly Kathy was jerked away from me and being held by two of Alpha Jeff's warriors. He looked down at me. I just got a phone call from your mate.

I didn't want to believe it but my own sister is a fucking whore and you a cheater. Do not come back onto my territory Alpha Troy. And do not see my sister again. If you do Luna Peggy said she will challenge my sister to the death.

Take Karen to the cells. You have a whole pack to deal with so leave and don't come back. I said how does Peggy know. Have you forgotten Mates feel when the other cheats? And her own sister in law saw you? Shit. I have to go.

I watched as Alpha Troy changed into his wolf and ran toward his territory. He fucked up. I turned and walked to the pack house. I walked down the steps to the cells. I looked at Karan. I didn't want to believe it Karan but I saw if for myself.

She just sat smiling at me. I have a Alpha on the hook. I intend for him to mate and claim me. For your information Karan. He already as a mate. An that mate is Luna Peggy. Luna Peggy has Alpha Blood in her.

I saw my sisters face turn white. And she told me that the next time you go anywhere near Alpha Troy she is challenging you to a fight to the death. And she will kill you. This time Karan you just dug your own grave. If she catches you in her territory you will automatically be killed.

You are not welcome in her territory or Alpha Jakes, who is married to her cousin or her brothers Alpha Ryan's. He is her twin brother. He has already destroyed half the woods.

I needed all three of them as allies and you just had to destroy any chance I had for that. I am going to punish you. You are forbidden to leave the territory. You will be guarded when you have to leave, you will not turn into your wolf for one year. And, you will start working with the Omega's.

You will help clean the clubhouse, cook and serve the meals, and not attend any parties for one year. But, Jeff you can't make me accept the challenge. I have no choice. It is out of my hands. She has already gone to the elders. Two of who are Alpha Troy's parents.

You will be sleeping down her for one year as well. You have lost all privileges. I turned to see my Beta standing next to me. Luna Peggy is here. So, this is the bitch who wants to mate and mark my mate. I saw my sister look at her.

I gasped. She is the woman of my dreams. Luna Peggy welcome to my territory. I am not here to be nice Alpha Jeff. I wanted to see your sister. To let her know who she will eventually be fighting. And who will kill her. But, I suddenly clawed her face. I has silver on the of my nails.

I wanted to make sure the next time you see my mate he knows just what I will do to you. Lets see just how much he wants to kiss you now. I turned and looked at Luna Peggy. She is beautiful. Thanks to your sister Alpha Jeff. I don't want to see any of your members in my territory.

I followed her upstairs with my Beta behind me. We watched as she walked out of the door. She turned into a black wolf. We gasped as we saw how big she was. She stood at least 7 feet tall. She is one powerful she wolf.

Alpha Troy is a fool. And Karan is one dead she wolf. We watched as she turned and ran out of my territory. We walked back now to the cells. Karan was having the doctor look at her face. I am sorry Karan. You will carry this scar until the day you die.

She had silver on her claws. Jeff she ruined my face. You should not have been kissing her mate. You are lucky you were not mating with him. She would have torn you to pieces. Good night Karan. I will be calling a pack meeting in the morning.

We walked up the stairs and shut and locked the door. Beta Teddy we are in deep shit because of her. Luna Peggy is not playing. I would like to be a fly on the wall at their packhouse right now.

About that time we heard three roars. I think we will hear it. We walked to my office and sat down. Karan is a problem. Not for long I am thinking.

Back as Alpha Troys pack house he walked into a mess. I looked around and so the destruction. Peggy is mad. I had been gone for four hours. I walked up to the Alpha floor. I looked down the hall and saw my office was a mess. Beta Mark looked at me disappointed.

I walked into the office where he was picking up files and putting them in order. Mark. Troy, don't you Mark me. How could you? Do you know the kind of pain you put Peggy through not to mention all the pack members?

Kissing a woman who is not Peggy hurt all of us. Now she knows why she has no pups. You won't give them to her. I saw him look at the clock. The elders will be here in an hour. What for? You will soon find out Troy.

I noticed that Mark was treating me differently. As was every member of the pack. I walked to our bedroom and was shocked to see that everything that Peggy owned was gone. Where is your Luna I mine linked the pack.

She moved to the attic. She remodeled it and you can only get up there by the elevator in the hall as you walk in the front door. Don't try to get up there. You can't. Only the Luna can let you in the elevator. When I was moving my things I found his secret books.

I had a member carry them to the attic. I was sitting in my new office reading the first book out of four. I then looked up the she wolf online. I copied the dates that Troy was with her and emailed them to her mate. Fuck my mate out of town I will fix you.

I finished with the first book and set it aside. Just then my phone rang. This is Luna Peggy how can I help you? Luna the Elders are here. They are waiting in Alpha Jeffs office. I will be right there. I walked out of my office and over to the elevator. I put the key in and turned it. Once I was on the first floor I turned it again locking it.

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