Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 28: The Confrontation

I walked across the hall and walked up to the second floor. I turned right and walked down the hall to Troy's office. I knocked on the door and was told to come in. I watched Troy walk toward me. I backed up and snarled. Don't touch me.

I welcomed his parents and sat down on the couch. I saw the look they gave both of us. So, it is true. What's true mother Jeff asked? It is true that you are having an affair with Alpha Jeff's sister Karan. I have no idea what you are talking about mother.

Troy, Peggy has Alpha Blood. Every goddamn Alpha felt it. Troy you are very lucky that we were not here. I would have killed you myself. We also know that Peggy is no longer sleeping in your room. She won't let you touch her.

Troy how could you be so stupid? I supposed the next thing you will do is to move that bitch here. That will not happen. Why not? I told her if she came onto this territory, Jakes, or Ryans she will automatically be killed.

I also told Alpha Jeff if she came near my mate again I will challenge her to the death. Oh, and Troy. I gave her a present to show to you if you see her again. What I want to know is why you two do not have pups yet?

Troy refuses to give me one. I believe that he has been hiding something from all of us. He may be my mate. But he never wanted to mate, or mark me. Isn't that right Troy? That is not true. Is that right. I walked over and handed the first book to his mother. It is all in here. I found this when I moved out of our bedroom.

I suggest that you have him give his sperm to the doctor and he can artificially inseminate me. I mine linked our doctor to come to the office. You asked for me luna Peggy. I did. I need for you to get your Alpha's Sperm and freeze them.

What for? The next time I go into heat you will artificially inseminate me with the correct number for me to get pregnant. Do it the elders said. Go with the doctor Troy. We watched as they left the office. We are so sorry Peggy.

Elders. This is what I want. I want control of who can live here and who can't. I want to make sure that a new law is passed. What would that be? If a mate cheats on his or her mate they lose the right to be in charge. The cheating mate o an Alpha cannot use any control over the other mate and they cannot force a bite to control them.

I think we can agree with that. I also want the mate who was cheated on to be able to do what they want to the male or she wolf they cheated with. We can also do that. Anything else? Not yet. But when I do I will call you.

I never thought he didn't want to be with me. He never made me feel that way. Not until today. I never thought he was having sex with other she wolves when he went out of town. I never smelled the change in him.

How could I have been so stupid? Then to find out he never wanted pups with me. That is so humiliating. I started crying. I just don't want to be anywhere near him unless I have to be. But, I can't and will no longer mate with him.

You understand how painful heat is without your mate. I don't care. I want him locked up when I go into heat. So be it. But understand Peggy. You could die. It is his fault. He caused this. If he doesn't want me than so be it.

We watched as the doctor walked in with Troy. It is done Elders. Then you know what to do when Peggy goes into heat. We all know that is going to happen in a a day or two. That is also when several guards will be stationed at the elevator doors.

Make sure they are mated guards and females guard. Beta, Alpha Troy is to be chained to the wall in the cells tomorrow. We will be staying to ensure that what needs to be done is done.

Troy you understand that Peggy can die from this. No, she is my mate. As if you really care. This meeting is over with. I stood up and walked out of his office door without looking back at him.

I walked down the hallway to the stairs and crossed over to the elevator. I unlocked the door and rode it up to the third floor. I walked across the room and locked the key up. Sara has a key and she knows what to do when I go into heat.

I walked to my office and started reading the second book and taking notes. I worked for two hours before locking my office and going to the kitchen to make me something to eat. After cleaning the kitchen I carried a cup of coffee to the living room.

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