Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 29: Alpha Troy I Chained

I was mine linked that Troy was being taken to the cells and chained with silver chains so he can't change. I will be going into heat soon. The guards are outside the elevator and Sara is in my apartment with me. I was burning up. I went to the bathroom and Ice was placed on me to cool me down.

I was in so much pain. I can fight this. I heard the phone ring. It's the doctor. Are you ready for him to come up? Let him up. We could hear Troy howling. Let me go to my mate. She doesn't want you to touch her.

The guards let the doctor into the elevator. We need to get her to the kitchen table. I started the procedure after Luna Peggy was on the table. We left her lay there for an hour. We should know in a few more hours if the procedure took and Luna Peggy is pregnant.

Three hours later the doctor sniffed the air and smiled. Peggy's heat stopped. She is pregnant. We walked into her bedroom and saw she was in a deep sleep. All is good now. The doctor walked to the elevator and took it to the first floor.

The elders were waiting. She is pregnant. That is good news yes, it is. Until the next time she goes into heat. But that will not be until after she gives birth. We will do this again if we have to.

You can unchain Alpha Troy and let him out of the cells. After they let me out I stormed upstairs. You just had to let them do it. At your mates request. She is pregnant Troy. This will continue until she asks for the medication to stop her heat.

By the way be looking for new laws soon. I watched my parents leave the packhouse. I want to see my mate. She does not want to see you unless it is necessary. I turned and walked to the second floor. I went to our bedroom. I then stiffened. The books. I started throwing things around.

Peggy had to have the books. Shit, she is going to find out everything. Even the fact that even though she was my mate I did not want her. Don't get me wrong. My wolf enjoyed the sex. I stopped for a minute. My wolf. I have not heard from him. I tried calling him but got nothing.

I lost my wolf. He is not answering me. Peggy's wolf was talking to her mate. I'm sorry Zander but our humans hate each other now. My human will not let your human touch her anymore. But we are having a pup. My human made sure of it.

I know. The doctor made my human give him our sperm. That was so my human could have it put inside her. Now we are going to have the pup we dreamed of. Your human has been lying and cheating on his mate for a long time.

She is hurt and she will never forgive him for that. We are coming down stairs. I closed my wolf off from her mate. I got off of the elevator and walked to the stair. I walked to Troy's office. I looked at her with hurt.

You went through heat without my help. You never did that before. Do you know how much that hurt. I don't care. Do you know how much it hurt me when when you were kissing your whore?

Besides I did not come down her for all of that. I came to remind you of the Christmas Matching for the single wolves. Everyone is welcome but Karan. She can go to the next Christmas Ball. As long as it is not Ryan or Jakes pack putting it on.

The invitations have gone out. I have decided to contact Alpha Jeff and talk to him. We all must attend and all our single pack members will take part in it. I turned and walked out of the door.

I went back to my floor and called Alpha Jeff. I have decided to permiss your pack to come to our pack house for the Christmas Mating. But not your sister. I can understand that. I appreciate that Luna Peggy. It is to take place Tomarrow at 8:00PM.

We will be there. And I understand why you do not want my sister here. If you don't mind I would rather your sister be taken to the woods and guarded and if her mate finds her let him take her. I understand that as well. Good-bye Alpha Jeff

I talked to Beta Mark. Mark I want to ask why you have been so angry. Peggy every time Jeff came back I smelled my mate on him. I looked up at him. Come with me. We are going to Alpha Jeff's territory. Once we arrived I saw Mark sniff. She is here.

I walked to the door. Luna Peggy how are you fine. I brought our Beta her as he said his mate is here. Follow the scent Mark. We ended at a locked door. I waited for Alpha Jeff to unlock the door.

We walked down to see Karan in the cell. She sniffed and said Mate. It's your scent I smelled on Alpha Troy. What is your name? Karan. Well, I Beta Mark reject you Karan as my mate now and forever. I watched as she fell do her knees gripping her chest.

Is it because your Luna scared my face? No, it is because you were with my Alpha and one time friend. I Can't have a mate who wants to fuck my Alpha. Lets go Luna Peggy. We walked to the car and drove back to the pack house.

Once inside Mark stormed upstair and into the Alphas office. Would you like to know who's mate you tried to fuck? And I suppose you know? My mate Troy. You tried to fuck my mate. I rejected her because of you.

By the way have you seen what Peggy did to her face? A really nice scar. You need to look for another Beta. I resign as your Beta and friend. I walked out of the office and to my room. I packed my things and moved out of the Beta's bedroom.

I moved down to the first floor. Word got around that it was my mate that Alpha Troy was messing around with and that I resigned as his Beta. I called Ryan. Ryan do you have a Beta yet? No why do you ask?

I resigned as Troys Beta. It was my mate he was fooling around with. I rejected her. He is no longer my friend. Sure I would be happy to have you as my Beta. Come on over. I took all my things and put them in my car. I drove out of Troy's territory and over to Ryans I was going to join his pack and become his Beta.

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