Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 30: Mark Joins Ryan's Pack

I arrived at Ryans packhouse. I followed Ryan to his office. Tell me what is going on Mark. I told him everything. Tell me why Troy was so insistent on finding his mate. The Alpha refused to hand over the Alpha position until Troy found his mate.

He really did want a mate but he didn't want to mark or mate with her. Then his dad changed the rules. He had to mate and mark her before he would hand over the position. Then his wolf refused to let him throw his mate away.

It was their wolves who would take over and mate each other. But Troy did fall in love with Peggy. But he couldn't keep his cock in his pants. He would use other she wolves and then throw them out after he was finished with them.

But, something changed after the conference. Troy started not caring if Peggy felt it or not. It is like he no control over what he was doing. Something is not right. Who was he around lately? Do you have new pack members? Especially women.

No. But, wait a minute. Can I use your computer. I put in my password and pulled up all the video's since the conference. Son of a bitch. That is my mate. But why didn't I smell her before? She could have been covering her scent.

Look at that. She is putting something in Troy's drink. Fast forward it to your clubhouse. And there. That bitch was very conning. Did you notice that Peggy was nowhere to be seen? That is because she was not there.

Why did Karan ignore you? She had to know you were her mate. I think she did. What I think was she thought Troy was available but she should have smelled Peggy on him. Or she didn't care. Something is not right.

If she thought that Peggy would leave him she was wrong. Instead Peggy cut her face, and told her she would challenge her to the death. I don't care right now. Because once Peggy gives birth to their son he will become the next Alpha. Everyone will know that even if they divorced there kids would never become the Alpha of the pack.

I just want the truth from Troy. That is all I want. You know he has disappeared once a month for a few days. No one knows where he goes or who he is with. One day it will all come out.

This weekend is the Christmas Matching at Troy packhouse. Don't forget we have to be there. Come on I will show you the Beta's bedroom. I followed Ryan out of the room and down the hall to the stairs. We walked up to the second floor. He turned right walked to the end of the hall and turned left.

He stopped at the third door on the left. This is your room. Thanks Ryan. Let's go get your things. We walked back down the stairs and out to my car. It took four trips but we had everything in my new rooms.

We will have the pack joining tomorrow. For now just make yourself at home. I shut the door and started to put my things away. When I finished I sat on the bed and thought about how Troy had changed. How he was messing with my mate.

How Luna Peggy was hurting. But why didn't I feel anything? Something is not right. What if she isn't my true mate? I called the elders. Troy's mom and dad. They said they would come to Alpha Ryans tonight.

I woke to a knock on the door. It was Ryan. The elders are waiting in my office. We walked to Ryan's office and he shut the door. I told them everything. When I got to the part of not feeling pain they looked at each other.

This is very interesting. Elders it is as if nothing is real. That she is my mate but, she isn't my mate. It would seem like witchcraft is involved here. You don't think that Kelly is involved in this do you? She could be.

Let us looked into things. Are you hiding something I asked them. You might as well know. Troy had an identical twin brother. He was evil. We had to send him away. You don't think he escaped. No, we would have been told.

I think we need to find out for sure. We need to go and see for ourselves. Fine this is where he is. You are welcome to stay here until we get back. I need to know if he ever was taken out of the hospital. No, never. So he has not tattoos or any marks we should know about? Yes, he had an accident when he was small.

Tim has a scar running from his waist down the back of his left leg. We stood up and walked out of his office. We went to his car and drove to the institute. We walked into the building. We were taken to Tims room.

I knew instantly that this was not Tim. Troy and I have an identical tattoo on our neck. Alpha Troy. He looked at me. Mark is it you? You have to get me out of here. They keep calling me Tim. I am not my brother.

Fuck Troy you need to set down. What is going on. We told him everything. How we all thought he cheated on Luna Peggy and with my mate. How the doctor took his sperm and injected into Luna Peggy and she is pregnant. Not with her mates pup put with her brother in laws.

We told him the pack was falling apart. We took him out of the institute and took him to Ryan's packhouse. When we arrived he took a shower and put on clean clothes provided to him. We then walked to the office.

Mom, dad Tim is gone. We know that now. He is at your packhouse acting like he is you. Shit has hit the fan Troy. Peggy is in danger. We know that two. Now everything is starting to make sense.

We need to get Tim back to the institute. Or kill him. He can only play at being you for long. If Peggy doesn't stay away from him she will not be safe. We are going to go and stay at the packhouse for a few weeks. We will talk to Peggy.

We will get him away from the others and take him back. Or I can challenge him and just kill him. Not yet. We need for him to start feeling safe. Then take him down. But we need to let Peggy know that he is not Troy. Leave that to us. We can get in to see her. We will take her out to eat.

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