Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 31: Book 2

I stopped reading the book and went back to the beginning. Who the hell is Tim. I wanted to go and confront Troy but something was not right about him. Do not go to that man Peggy. He is not our mate. He is our mates identical twin brother. Well not identical behavior wise.

We need to get rid of this baby. It is not our mates. Our mate is crying. He says he does not blame us. We were fooled. Our mates brother is evil. But we can't let him know we are on to him. Read more. I was reading Tim's story. Not Troys.

This man is sick. I continued to read. I read that Tim thinks it is funny that Troy does not want to have pups. He is scared one or both will turn out to be like me. I tell him all the time what is to be will be.

I have a woman in the old cells. They don't use it anymore. They are afraid it is going to cave in one day. I have my fun with them. I get off hearing their screams. These fucking she wolves who think they can reject their mate and nothing will happen to them.

My mate is in the cells. I fuck her every way I can. I make her beg for me to stop. Reject me. I don't think so I am going to make her lose her wolf one way or the other. My wolf begs me to stop hurting his mate. I won't.

She is never going to leave here. Ever. I will get my pups. They will leave here and be raised by a kind woman I met in the woods. She and her husband can't have children. I will get as many pups as I can from her.

My god he is sick. I walked out to the kitchen and got me coffee before I walked back to my office. I started reading the chapters again. Troy tires to protect me as much as he can. I love my brother. But he is not like me.

He keeps telling me if I don't stop taking women away they will come after me. I feel no evil towards Troy. I do hope one day he does find his mate. But, I feel sorry for her. Troy is adamant that he will not give his mate pups.

Further on in the book Tim wrote that they were on to him. He had been followed by his father's warriors. They followed him to the old cells. They found the women. I smiled to myself. I did not let them free my mate. I cut her throat with a silver blade.

They will not take me away from her. I was locked in my bedroom. I will finish this book and hide it for Troy to find. I want him to remain the good man that he is. I don't want him to end up like me.

If only she had not rejected me. But she did. My heart died that day. I wanted every woman to suffer for rejecting their mates. We do not deserve this. I heard them talking. They are going to send me to the institution. I will never get out.

But, if I do. I will do my brother a favor before I die. I will give his mate the pup she wants. I won't have sex with her. I will make her not want to have me touch her. I know who they think. I will give up my sperm willingly for my brother to have a pup.

I will refuse to go back to the institute. I will fight my brother fight to the death. I know he is stronger than I am. I will egg him on and force him to kill me. It is the way it has to be. I am leaving today. I will be a grown man before I ever get to step foot out of the institution. But it is all planned. In the near future.

That was the end of the second book. I sat and looked at the third book. If this the final writing of Tim then the third book must belong to Troy.

I will start reading it in a day or two. I locked the book in the desk drawer. I will give this book to the elders when I see them again. I looked at the clock. I called Sara. What are you doing Sara? Not much. Why don't you come for a visit? I think I will.

I walked out of the office and locked the door. I walked over grabbed the keys to my car and walked to the elevator. I took the key from around my neck and put it in the elevator. When I reached the first floor I locket the elevator and put it around my neck.

I walked to the front door and down the steps to my car. I drove to Jakes territory. I stopped in front of his packhouse and got out. I walked onto the porch and knocked on the door. When it opened a member said, good to see you Luna Peggy. I smiled and walked in.

Lets go to the kitchen. I followed Sara to the kitchen I sat down at the table and she put a cup of coffee in front of me. How are you doing Peggy? Not good. Jake walked in and sat down. Jake did you know that Troy had a twin brother? I did why do you ask? Because whoever is living at that packhouse. He is not Troy.

How do you know that? He does not have the same tattoo that Mark does. Are you sure? Of course I am sure. He is acting different and he doesn't smell like Troy. He doesn't have my sent on him. And I saw him the other day. He does not have my mating mark.

I think it is time I go and see him. I will talk to you later. We watched as Jake walked out of the door. Don't worry. Jake will be fine. I sure hope so.

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