Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 32: Book 3

I started this book after reading my twin brothers. Tim is not really evil. I know him. He was a good kid until his mate rejected him. Then his wolf went crazy. He started kidnapping she wolfs who rejected their mates. He kept them alive to feel when their mate found a second chance mate.

He didn't touch them. He just kept them in the older cells to feel the pain every time their rejected mate kissed or mated with another she wolf. As for his mate. He did keep her and he mated with with her. He never marked her. When she would get pregnant he would take the pups to a she wolf in the woods who could never have pups to raise.

I was just a kid who thought I would end up just like him. I wanted my mate but didn't. I was scared my mate would reject me. Not want me. Then I found her. Peggy is beautiful. But I am not ready for any pups.

I can never cheat on my mate. I have made a good Alpha and I care for all my pack members. I remember when Mark and I got the same tattoo. Friends forever in chinese. We have grown up together.

I hope he finds his mate soon. That he finds the happiness I have with Peggy. I know I am hurting her by not giving her what she wants. I went to the witch. she gave me the medication to make my sperms weak. She assured me that when I was ready all I had do is stop taking the medication.

I keep this book hidden. If Peggy ever finds out what I have done she will hate me. I know she won't reject me. But, I also know she will not sleep in the same bed as me. I am lost. I don't want to lose her but I don't want a child to turn out to be like my brother.

I am scared. I will admit it here but nowhere else and to no living person. My brother knows how I feel. He always laughed at me. He told me it was not hereditary. But I don't believe him. They took Tim in the middle of the night.

I didn't even get to say good-bye to him. I have never saw him again. But according to his book his last journal he said he will get out and come back. He will get my mate pregnant. I don't know how but I know he will.

That was the last page that Troy wrote. So I am not carrying Troy's child. I am caring his twin brothers child. I can understand Tim. Being rejected my his mate caused him so much pain. He took her to have his pups.

He took the woman who rejected their mates to punish them. Make the feel pain of their mates mating and marking someone else. He didn't hurt them or rape them. He just kept the captive. That is evil in a way. But it is also revenge.

I now know that the man down stair is not Troy. I was to angry to understand that. But if he is not my mate why did it hurt when he was kissing Karan? None of this makes any sense. I don't understand this.

I was working on paperwork in the office. Then I felt her pain. I sat up straight. I wanted to comfort her. She is not my mate but I feel her pain. Why do I feel her pain? My heart hurts for her. She feels to sad. Is it because my twin is her mate? And I am his twin. Is that why I feel her pain?

My wolf said, that Luna Peggy is so sad. Remember she is not our mate. We have no right to comfort her. Besides she won't let us touch her. Thinking about mates. I want to go to the old cells. I want to visit with my mate.

I stood up and locked the office. I walked down the hall to the stairs. I walked out the back door and changed into my wolf. I ran to the old cells. I opened the hatch and climbed down the stairs. I turned the flash light on. I walked down the hallway to the cell I kept my mate in.

I looked over at the bed. She was laying there. But all that was left of her was bones. I sat down and stared at her. Why, why couldn't you love me? Why did you have to reject me. All I wanted was my mate, pups, a big family. But you took that away from me.

I stood up and walked back down the hall and left the cells. I was surprised that they abided by my wish and left my mate lay in state there. I walked back to the pack house.

I noticed that the members avoided me. It could not be helped. It was part of the plan. I hate that I had to put Troy in my place for awhile. But, I just might have to leave him there. I could take his place at the Alpha here. I could get Peggy's wolf to connect with me.

Don't even think of it human. Peggy's wolf knows her mate. I have been trying to connect with her. She wants nothing to do with me. She wants her mate. And we are not her mate. Now get ready for the Christmas Mating.

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