Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 33: The Christmas Mating

We were standing in the backyard going over the rules. The man who was pretending to be Troy tried to hold my hand. I hissed at him. Do not touch me. My wolf growled inside me. He is not our mate. He is Tim. Do not let him touch us.

I saw Tim look down at me. He knows that I know he is not Troy. But he doesn't know that I know he is Troy's twin brother. They may look alike but he is not my mate. I know he is not really evil. He just wanted his mate. But it was wrong for him to take Troy from us.

I understand why Troy believed he could become like Tim. Any wolf who is rejected could do what Tim did. Instead of just letting his mate mark and mate another he kidnapped her. Then it hit me. His mate wanted to be a Luna not a Beta.

She may have rejected Tim thinking Troy would mate and mark her but he didn't. Troy only wanted his mate. His real mate and it was not her. I looked over at Tim and gasped. He knows that I know he is not my mate.

Once the she wolves were on the run an hour later the males were on the hunt. I walked away from Tim because that is what I will call him. The elders stopped me. Peggy we have not had a chance to talk since we last saw you.

Hello, Elders. May we take you out to lunch? I would like that very much. Troy we will see you in about an hour. But we will check in to see how the hunt goes. We walked through the house and out the front door.

After we were out of the territory we must have driving for an hour before stopping at a restaurant. As we walked into the restaurant we were placed in a private dining room. I took the second book out of my bag and handed it to the Elders. I know that is not my mate that man is Tim. He wrote the first two books.

You all said he was evil. He is not evil. He is lost. All he wanted was his mate. She rejected him. I think she wanted to be a Luna not a Beta. She thought if she rejected Tim she could get her hooks into Troy but that would never have happened.

Tim was hurt, angry so he kidnapped his mate. His mate to mate with for pups. The other she wolfs rejected their mates so he took them so they would feel the pain of their rejected mate marking and mating a she wolf.

He wanted them to know what it felt like to be rejected. He made sure they were safe, comfortable, fed but not free. He didn't harm them. He wanted them to understand what it was like to be rejected. They feel that every time their true mate, mated with their second chance mates.

Tim does not deserve to be kept locked up. He just needed to find his second chance mate. What he did by pretending to be Troy was to give his brother what he wanted. A pup. He tried to tell Troy what he did would not affect any pups he had.

I know I should be mad at him. But, how can I be? At least he did not try to mate me. He just wanted to help. I think we need to get Troy out of wherever he is currently is. I don't believe that he hurt Troy.

Peggy, we never thought any of this through. The way you put it makes us feel bad. We were wrong not to talk to Tim, to help him through the rejection. Do not worry about Troy. Why not? We have him. He is a Ryans pack house. Thank god. When can I see him? Soon.

When we returned to the pack house no one could understand how there Alpha could have a second chance mate. That was when Troy walked through the members. I ran and jumped into Troys arms.

He sniffed the air and looked at me and smiled. Don't be angry with me. I am not angry with you baby. I know you did not mate with my brother. I read the books. I understand why Tim did what he did.

Tim looked at Troy. I am sorry Peggy. I had to give Troy what he wanted but was too scared to give you. His mate looked at Tim confused. I am Alpha Troys twin brother as she all can see. I did not mate with Luna Peggy.

She looked relieved. We will explain everything to you later. I am not the Alpha here my brother Troy is. I would have been his Beta. So you would be the Beta she wolf. There parents told everyone what was happening.

Then many members yelled. He should never have been put in an institution. He did not hurt anyone. Free Alpha Tim. He is free. He is free to leave. Ryan walked up to the Elders and Tim. He looked at Mark. Beta Mark you belong here. Alpha Tim, would you like to live at my pack and become my Beta? I would like that. Then that is settled.

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