Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 34: Alpha Troy

After the Christmas Mating was over with Alpha Troy, Luna Peggy, Tim, and his new mate Kara were setting in Troy's office. We need to discuss the baby. Troy, I did what I thought was best for you. I was set on fighting you to the death and dying.

So, the baby is Peggy's and I will become his father. After all we are identical twins. I need to also tell you that. Well while your were out when you were brought to the institution. What about it. I had the doctor there collect your sperm. You did what?

I had the doctor collect your sperm. It is your sperm that was injected into Peggy. It was never my sperm. How did you keep it frozen? The doctor here is the brother of the doctor where they kept me. Your sperm was here the whole time.

So, I really am the father? Yes, Troy. You really are the father of the baby. Peggy I expected you to give me away a long time ago. I was not sure until I read your books. My books? The ones you kept as a teenager.

I forgot about those books. Apparently you had this whole thing thought out years ago. Why would you let them keep you there all these years? I was still angry. I had to learn that I can not control what wolves do. I cannot stop them from rejecting each other. No matter what I did.

All we can do or the elders to is make new laws. Especially for Alpha's. Such as what? If an Alpha rejects his true mate. He can not claim another she-wolf to take her place. The question is, how can we tell if the she-wolf he claims is his true mate?

Or the Moon Goddess happens to make any marking painful and unable to stay if the she wolf the Alpha marks is not is true mate. Or the Alpha will not be able to complete the marking. Who knows.

The moon goddesses could make the she-wolf he tries to mark smell so bad he can't touch her and he has to admit she is not his mate. And if he can get past the smell it will be very painful for the she wolf. That is a good one. That would be interesting.

Or she could just let the humans wolf refuse to mark and mate her. If the human denies that his real mate is his mate he should be made to mark the she-wolf he says is his mate in front of the pack members. That should be the new law.

I think that a new law should also be if the Alpha marks a she-wolf found out not to be his true mate or second chance made that she-wolf cannot take the title of Luna. Agreed. This will show every Luna and Alpha that she does not deserve the respect that the real Luna deserves.

I think I will take these suggestions back to the other elders. We believe that all of you will work well together. Now you all should meet with Alpha Jeff. He is a good man. It was his sister who was not a good she-wolf. And Mark. She is not your mate.

Thank god for that. She is just another she-wolf who wanted an Alpha that did not belong to her. She is not a Luna. She is not even a Beta female. She is just a regular she-wolf.

Now we have to leave. Be good to each other. We will be in touch soon about the decision the elders come to regarding the new rules. We all walked out of the office and down the hallway. We walked out onto the porch and watched the elders be driven away. Ryan looked at Tim and Kara and told them once they were at his packhouse they would have the Beta bedroom.

And that they would have Kara's parents bring her things to the packhouse. After they all left Troy saw the elevator. What is that doing there. Peggy took his hand and walked into the elevator. She put the key in and pushed the button.

When it stopped on the third floor she told him when she thought he cheated she had the attic transferred into her home. Troy if is wasn't you kissing Karan and it was Tim. Why did I feel the pain? I don't know. We should ask the elders. I might be because he is my identical twin.

Maybe. It would make sense. I missed you so much. I grabbed Troy and kissed him. I was not thinking straight. I thought you stopped loving me. Never Peggy. I love you so much. I took my mate to her bedroom now ours. I made love to her her.

As we lay in the bed I looked at her. Why don't we make this our Alpha rooms? I like that. I can keep my office in the main part of the house and you can keep your office up here. I like what you did with the place. And it is secure enough to keep you safe should we be attacked.

No one can get to you. Not if you lock down the elevator. I walked over to the dresser and lifted out a key. Put this on a chain and keep it around your neck. It is for the elevator. I lay on top of Troy. I am glad that Tim had them take your sperm.

So am I. I think Tim is a smart man. So do I. I know that he loved his mate and she hurt him. If you had rejected me I think I would have done the same thing. Kidnapped you and kept you.

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