Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 35: Five Months Later

I am due any time. Ryan and Jade have a five month old son. I was visiting with Kara and Jade when the pains hit me. The Elders stated that since Kara and I are married to identical twins we feel each others pains. Kara looked at me her eyes widened. Dam that hurts Peggy.

Tim and Ryan were working in the office up stairs when I felt Peggy's pain. I jumped up and ran down the stairs. I lifted Peggy in my arms followed by Kara and ran to the hospital. I mine linked Troy we were taking Peggy there now. He was at Alpha Jeffs and said he was on his way.

We all laughed at the fact that when Kara becomes pregnant they both will have to go this all over again. Alpha Troy it is a good thing you got Luna Peggy here when you did. I am Beta Tim. Well, I can't tell you two apart.

We saw Troy walking into the room. I was screaming. Get him out now. I felt as if someone was clawing at my stomach. Everyone out now. Troy held my hand and kissed my head. Push Luna Peggy. I pushed and he smiled. You have a beautiful healthy son.

10 minutes later I yelled something is wrong. Looks like you are having twins. Then we gasped another boy. Quick nurse take the baby. What is going on Troy yelled? Doctor what is going on? We have another baby. Give me one more push Luna Peggy. You have a healthy baby girl.

Did you hear that baby? We have two boys and a girl. Go show them to the others. What is there names. Alpha Wolf for the oldest, Alpha Tim, for the second, and for our baby girl, Alpha Bella. I picked up the twins and the nurse carried our precious little girl out. When I entered I said meet the oldest.

Alpha Wolf, our Alpha Beta, Alpha Tim, and our third is Alpha Bella. We looked at the babies and grinned. Triplets. Look at them. They all look alike. Tim looked at his brother. Beta Tim? Yes, Tim. Beta Tim. Give him to me.

I watched as the tears flowed down my brothers face. If you had not done what you did. They would not be here. He is going to be as smart as his uncle. Ryan took Bella and held her. The first girl born in the family.

Bella is going to be a strong Alpha female. Just as strong as her mom. Yes, she is. The doctor came out and told us we could see Peggy now. We followed the doctor back to Peggy's room. We put the babies in their cribs next to her bed. We all kissed her cheek and congratulated her.

Kara smiled at Peggy and said. Lord please don't give twins or triplets. We all laughed at that. Peggy looked at Tim. We all need to talk. Sit down. She was using her Luna voice.

Tim how many children do you have with your first mate? Two. Kara looked at him and gasped. Just where are they and how old are they? They live in the woods with a woman and man that could never have children.

They belong here with us. No, they belong to them. Do they know you? Yes, Then when I get out of this hospital we will visit them. We will decide how to deal with this. And we will abide by your wishes.

You can never forget your children. I know Peggy. I should never have forced my first mate to give me children. We understand Tim. After we meet them we will forget you are their father. They think I am their uncle.

Well, in two days we will visit them. We will abide by how you want them to call all of us. But, they need to visit the pack house. Is that understood? Yes, Peggy. That means Ryan's packhouse.

After they all left Jade told Tim that Peggy is right Tim. They need to visit with family. I smiled down at Jade. Of course you are both right. They need to know we are family. And they will attend school.

I kissed her forehead and took Kara's hand and walked into the packhouse. Kara sat on my lap and looked at me. It is only right Tim. They really should also be told the truth. That you are their father. Than you could not raise them. And you will abide by their decision as to what they want to do.

You women are such smart and loving women. Of course we are. And you love all three of us. Of course I do. And let me tell you something baby. I do not want to go through all that pain again. I so hope you have only one baby.

Peggy nearly killed Troy and me. But we all three made it through the birth. Yes, you did. It is too bad that human can't feel what their woman is going through. It might humble them a lot more than they are. You are so right.

Let's go to bed. I want to make love to my mate. We walked up the stairs and to our bedroom. I made love to mate for hours. It felt good to have a willing mate in my arms. A mate that loved me as much as I love her.

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