Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 36: Three days later

It was time to see my son's. We ran in wolf form and stopped at the edge of the house in the woods. We all dressed and walked out in human form. I saw Rachel look up from the porch. Tim she yelled. It is so good to see you again.

And this must be your brother Troy. We came to talk Rachel. About Kevin and Teddy. They will be here in a few minutes. Just then two teenage boys walked toward us with a tall man. Tim its good to see you again. Uncle Tim the boys said. We need to talk.

This is my brother Alpha Troy and Luna Peggy, My Alpha who is peggy's brother. Alphan Ryan, and Luna Jade, My second chance mate Beta Kara. Pleased to meet all of you. Do they know Rachel? They know. We want to know if you want to come and live with me and call me father.

Or do you want to continue to call Rachel and Doug mom and dad. They looked at each other. We want to continue to think of them as mom and dad. That is fine with us. I will remain Uncle Tim, Aunt Kara, Uncle Troy, Aunt Peggy and Ryan will just be Alpha Ryan and Luna Jade.

We do however want you to spend time at Alpha Ryans and Alpha Troys packhouse. And to go to school. We can do that. Rachel if you and Doug don't mind. Doug will become Troy's and mine adopted brother. That is how it will be written in the files at Troy's packhouse.

Are we all in agreement? Yes, we are in agreement. It is a good think that the boys look like your first mate. That is very furinate. Come and visit either packhouse when you want. We all said goodby and ran back to Ryan's packhouse.

It is settled. Tim and Kara will have their pups and their siblings will call them cousins. They are happy were they are and we will accept there decisions. When Troy and I got back to our packhouse we saw that his parents were holding the babies.

They are so excited to see the triplets. We have noticed that even at a small age Bella is very demanding. The face that we had triplets worries me. Troy what if all our babies are twins or triplets?

I should hope not Peggy. We would have to build a new packhouse. Troy are you happy now that you know that Tim was just hurting and in pain. I wish that mom and dad would have understood that sooner. Well it is all good now.

I am going to my office. I have paperwork that I need to finish. I kissed Peggy and walked up the stairs to my office. I was talking with Troy's mom and dad when Sara and Jake entered the room.

We came to see the babies. They are so beautiful. So, we heard that Beta Tim felt the labor pains along with Troy. That is true. Just think when Kara has a baby. Troy will feel her pains. Wait until you both go into heat.

That is not going to be good. Especially if Kara and I do not go into heat at the same time. We will have to chain one or the other in the cells. Last time I went into heat they had to chain Tim in the cells.

We hope you can come to the BBQ in two weeks. We will be Showing the triplet to the pack members and announcing their next Alpha and Beta to them. We would not miss that for the world. I am glad to hear that.

We fed the babies and then lay them in their bassinets. An hour later Troy came down stairs and sat down to talk with Jake. Sara and I talked about going shopping to get the babies the clothes to wear for their first showing to the members.

Lets make it a girls day out. Jade and Kara can go with us. We can get our outfits as well. And get something to eat. I would like that Peggy. It has been a while since we have been out together.

How is things going at your packhouse? Things are good. We have started clearing out some of the woods to build our own house. We want to also build a big building for get togethers. I would like to to that here as well.

Troy has been busy with training our members. We want to start kids ages six years and up as well. Start teaching them the simple moves and how to control their tempers.

I wanted to talk to you about something I have seen in our packhouse. What is it? I noticed that several of the teenagers have started becoming bullies. I don't like that. They have been picking on one girl in particular.

She denies it but I have seen the bruises on her. I have also seen her lose weight she cannot afford to lose. I think I will cover my scent and watch them. Especially before they leave for school.

You could put up cameras and record them. I didn't think about that. I will talk to Troy and see what he has to say. I hate to say we can't trust the teens but I am afraid it is coming down to that.

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