Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 37: The Teens Bully Linda

My name is Linda and am not very big. The teen agers have started bullying me and hurting me. They call me all kinds of names and make me do everything for them. One of the boys has been raping me.

I tell Luna Peggy no one is hurting me. I lied. They take my food and dump it on the floor and make me walk to school. Today one of the boys kicked me and broke my ribs. I hurt so bad. I wear long sleeves all the time to hide the bruises. I am not healing as fast as I should.

I have to do there homework and often don't get done until two hours before we get up for school. I try to stay out of there way. But sometimes it doesn't work.

I went to talk to Troy about Linda and how I think she is being bullied. He was angry when heard this. I think we should put cameras in the hallways, and something tells me to put one in Linda's room as well as the kitchen and dining room.

I will get on that when they go to school. Put one where the cars are. I think they are making her walk to school. I decided to take Linda under my wing. I was bullied and saw was Sara. I was sitting in the kitchen when they came home.

Where is Linda I asked. They all looked at each other. She didn't want to ride with us. She is walking home. Is that right. Get to your rooms and get your assignments done. I walked out of the packhouse and got into my car.

I started driving down the road. I saw Linda holding her side and limping. I pulled to the side of the road and helped her into my car. I drove straight to the hospital. Doctor I need you to examine Linda.

I waited until he finished. I need to admit Linda, Luna Peggy. She has several broken ribs. And her arm has been broken and not fixed. I have to re break it and put it in a cast.

Linda is undernourished. That is why she is not healing as well. Someone had been abusing this young she wolf. And Linda has been repeatedly raped. What did she say? One male wolf has been doing this to her. I want his name.

We will admit Linda tonight. She is to have no visitors but you, the nurse, Alpha Troy, Beta Mark, and myself. Where is her parents? She has not parents. They died years ago. Send the examination report to Alpha Troy.

I walked to Linda's room. Linda you will be staying here for a few days. I am going to take care of those who have been abusing you. Now, can you please tell me the name of the boys who has been raping you?

He will hurt me worse. No he will not. It is the third in commands son. David? Yes, Luna Peggy. Thank you for trusting me Linda. Now, you get some sleep. I am putting two guards on your door. No teenager is coming through that door.

I walked out and instructed the two guards. Then I walked out of the hospital and drove back to the pack house. When I got to the door I heard someone yelling. Where is that little bitch hiding. I have an itch that needs scratching. Everyone was laughing.

Then I heard a female scream that she has homework that needs to be done. I walked in and slammed the door. Get your asses to your rooms. Get your homework done. I will have Beta Mark look at it in an hour.

They all took off running. I walked up the stair and down to Troy's office. I was furious. Get your third in command in this office Troy. I sat on the couch. There was a knock on the door.

You wanted to see me. Chris we apparently have a problem. What is it. Your son. What has he done this time? He has been raping one of the she wolf's for months. He has been forcing her to have sex with him. And he beats her.

Who is she? Linda. He knows she does not have any parents and thinks he can get away with it. Several of the teenagers have been hurting her, making her do their homework, dump her food on the floor and make her walk to and from school.

That little bastard. Chris, Tom thinks that since you are third in command he can do whatever he wants. Apparently he thinks because you and I are friends that he will automatically be third in command of this pack.

That is not going to happen. My daughter will be third in command unless she finds her mate and leaves, or Wolf chooses one of his own friends when he grows up.

I think we need to give all of them a punishment. Mark what do you think about taking them all out to the training building after the school? They will come home change into training clothes, take there homework with them to the training building, set and do all their homework monitored by you.

Then they will spend time training until dinner, after dinner go back out to train and go shower and hit the bed by 11:00am every day. They will get up at 5am and train until 7:00 shower eat and got to school. This will continue until school is out for the summer.

Then they will train all day long until breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then back to training until 11:00 pm. We will teach them to stop bullying. As for Chris he will learn that he will not be third in command Friday night. We will call a meeting after dinner. They start tomorrow.

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