Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 38: The meeting

We all walked to the dinning room to eat dinner. I mine linked the pack that there will be a meeting after dinner and no one is to leave the dining room. Two hours later after the table were cleaned and the dishes all taken to the kitchen and tables washed. I stood up.

I called this meeting do to several teenagers bullying Linda. Luna Peggy asked the teenagers two days ago where Linda was when they all came in from school. They outright lied to her. They told her Linda didn't want to ride home from school she wanted to walk.

They have made her walk to and from school every day. Luna Peggy picked her up and took her to the hospital to be examined. She had several broken ribs. A arm that had been broken and did not heal right. It had to be rebroken and put into a cast. They have kicked her and hit her daily. Made her to their homework and dumped her food on the floor.

The doctor found that she had been raped repeatedly by one male wolf. That wolf is Chris. From now on the teens will come straight home from school, go to their rooms change into training clothes and bring their assignment to the training building.

Beta Mark will monitor that they complete the assignments. Then they will start training until dinner. After dinner they will return to training until 11:00pm. After that they will go to their rooms and shower and go to bed.

In the morning they will start training at 5:00 am until 7:00 am then go shower and dress for school. They will then eat breakfast and go to school They will do this schedule until school is out for the summer. At that time a new schedule will be made for summer.

As for Chris. You will be watched 24 hours a day and stay away from the she-wolfs. The reason they do this is that Linda's parents are dead. She as no one to protect her but Luna Peggy. You are all dismissed.

I saw a couple walk over to me. They were of about 25 years old. Alpha Troy. Did you say Linda has no family? I did. We can't have children. Could we meet Linda? If she likes us could we adopt her? She 13 years old. We don't care. We want a child. We would treat her likes she was our own. And if that bastard so much as looks at her the wrong way he will answer to us.

I smiled at them and told them I would be happy to take them to meet Linda. Can we go now? Yes, we can do that. We walked out of the packhouse and got into my car. I drove to the hospital and parked. We walked into the door and were greeted by the doctor.

Alpha Troy I am your head warrior. That is where I have seen you. You are Randy and Lisa. Yes, we are. We walked into Linda's room. Linda I have brought some people to meet you. This is our head warrior Randy and his wife Lisa.

Hello, Linda. We wanted to meet you and talk to you about something. You see we heard that you did not have a family of your own. Randy and I, we cannot have children. We wanted to talk to you about adopting you. What do you think about that?

We would treat you like you are our own daughter. Be your mom and dad. You want to adopt me? Only if you want to come and live with us. Really? Yes, really. We will protect you and teach you to fight and protect yourself.

I think I would like that. Good. When you can leave this hospital we will take you home with us. Then when you feel even better we will take you shopping for new clothes. I would like that. Good it is settled then.

Alpha Troy will start the adoption procedures. Doctor when can Linda leave? I say you can pick her up in three days. She is to be on bed rest, can walk around the house but not go to school yet. She can go back to school in one week.

I will call the school and let them know her last name has changed and you and Randy are her parents. Thank you Alpha. We never thought we would get the chance to be parents. Now we have a daughter. Thank you, Linda for making that happen. We will make good parents for you. Can I start calling you mom and dad?

Of course you can. We would like that very much. We are so excited. When you come home we will decorate your bedroom however you like it. We are going to leave so you can rest. We will come back and visit you in the morning. So be prepared to see us all the time.

Good night, mom, dad. We smiled hearing her call us that. We smiled all the way back to the packhouse. We are parents now. Well will be when we sign the adoption papers. Then we will have a celebration. We can't wait to call our parents. They are going to be thrilled.

Thank you, so much Alpha Troy. We never thought we would become parents. We can't wait to bring Linda home. And for her to meet our family. I can't wait to take her shopping. And I can't wait to teach her to fight.

She is such a darling. Even after what those teenagers put her though. We will expect you to bring Linda to the BBQ this weekend. I want her to meet the triplets. And Luna Peggy has taken Linda under her wing.

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