Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 39: The Introduction

Today is the BBQ and introduction of the triplets. It is also going to be the day Chris learns he does not automatically get to be third in command just because his father is. The teenagers have hated every minute of their training and having to do their own homework.

The the were shocked to learn that the Head Warrior and his wife have adopted Linda and out of their reach. They do not want to piss the head warrior off.

We walked out on the stage. Me carrying Bella, Tim carrying Tim, and Troy carring Wolf. Welcome to the BBQ and introduction to the Alpha triplets. We want you to meet your Next Alpha. Alpha Wolf, Your next Alpha Beta, Beta Tim, and your third in command, Alpha Bella.

Bella will be the third in command unless she finds her mate is not in this pack. Then the third in command will be Wolfs best friend. But, that is not right Chris yelled. Why not Chris? The third in command has always been the son of the current third in command.

I do not know what they teach you but that is not true. The third in command is always the new Alpha's best friend. Of course unless triplets are born. So you're telling me that I never was going to be third in command? That is correct.

Son, I have been telling you that since you asked me at a very young age. You just didn't want to listen. Now you will listen. And even if is was possible you would not become third in command because you raped a she-wolf in the pack.

Now we want everyone to eat and enjoy the BBQ. We all walked off the stage and members would come and look at their new Alphas. We could see that Chris was still furious. He had been telling everyone at school he was going to be third in command.

Now they all know it is not true. He is going to be nothing. Just a normal wolf. I was not permitted to spend time with any she-wolfs. That sucks. I looked over and gasped. I saw Linda with her new parents. She looks good.

She even looks pretty. She put on weight and her hair has grown out long and it is black and shiny. She was laughing and talking with three big teenage male wolfs. I saw one of the girls that used to treat her bad walk over to her.

Linda, is that you? She stiffened. It is me. What do you want? Are you going to introduce me to your friends? These are my cousins. One leaned down an whispered in her ear. Yes, she is.

One of the other ones looked at Tina. We don't like you. You are mean and only care about your self. And we are not interested in you. We have mates. Sure you do.

Just then three very beautiful and strong girls said behind Tina. We happen to be their mates bitch. Now if you would move we would like to set with our mates and cousin. Tina looked behind her and gasped. Move or we will be very happy to move you.

I watched Tina back away. And stay away from our little cousin. Or you will regret it. Tina knew exactly who she was talking two. They were 11th graders. And they just moved to the packhouse.

I watched as they sat down and looked at me. Is that one of the bitches that would kick you and hurt you? Yes, she is. They smiled at each other. It is going to be so fun ruining her reputation at school.

These bitches will learn fast not to mess with you little cousin. I love you guys. I never had a family since my dad and mom died three years ago. You have us now. So don't worry about a thing. Here eat. I was handed a plate.

We all ate and talked. I pointed out all the teenagers that had hurt me and were mean. Training is going to be fun as well. I pointed out Chris. He is the one that did those bad things to me. He will never put a hand on you again.

He keeps looking at me. My cousin Jerry turned and looked at Chris. He growled at him. Jerry is a powerful wolf. Jerry we do not like him looking at our cousin that way. He looks like he wants to hurt her again. And drag her to his bedroom.

We cannot let that happen. I told my wolf we would kill him before he hurt Linda again. Agreed. All of us have been teaching Linda to fight. Our mates have been building up her confidence. And she is starting to look good. Healthy. And she is happy.

We were happy when uncle Randy introduce her to the family. She was a scared little girl. She had bruises all over her and her wolf was sick as well. When we heard about everything that happened to her our wolfs felt the need to protect her. It was the same with our mates and their wolfs.

Linda is like the baby girl. And no one better threaten her, look at her the wrong way or the will pay. Just like that bastard. He finally looked away from me. My wolf called him a bastard. I started laughing and so did our mates and my cousin.

Jerry sounded like your wolf wanted out to rip that piece of shit to pieces. He did. He hates him. I saw Chris looking at Sandy. I said guys he is looking at Sandy with the same look he used to give me. Sandy is very tiny but she is will full you. She is one badass warrior.

Looks like soon I will be handing him his ass on a silver platter. I know that look. He thinks I am an easy target. We all grinned. He will find out soon enough he is about to target the wrong woman. I wish I could see that.

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