Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 4: Revenge

I will help you make her pay. I promise you this. I stood up and took ingredients out of my bag and went ahead to put the spells on Alpha Ryan. Within one hour he was not in pain anymore. I finished the spells and threw in another one for good measure. I put a spell on Kelly that she will have her head warrior status ripped from her. She will become a beginner warrior. Kelly will make the mistake of rubbing Alpha Jakes back when she goes to his office to speak to him about being transferred back to Alpha Troy’s pack.

And Alpha Jake will refuse the transfer as Alpha Tanner had asked that she never be given permission to transfer from his pack. I made this spell to take place after the first training of all the warriors when Alpha Ryan ignores Kelly and makes her work harder. She will fight Luna Peggy and get her ass handed to her. Alright, I said. I also added a spell on Kelly because I hate her guts. During your first training, Luna Peggy should fight Kelly. This is because Kelly thinks she is better than Luna

Peggy will need to attend the training and fight Kelly. After Luna Peggy hands Kelly her ass Kelly will talk to Alpha Jake. Kelly will ask that she be transferred back to Alpha Troy’s pack, but Alpha Jake will refuse. She will try to rub his back and Alpha Jake will strip Kelly of her Lead Warrior title and give her a new warrior status. Shawn, you are so conniving. I know but I cannot help but get a little revenge of my own.

I like it. So, I am going to stay for a few weeks. I want to watch the show if you do not mind. I do not mind one bit. Oh, Ryan, I forgot to tell you. Shawn is also yours and Peggy’s godmother. Now you see why I must help you Rayan. I cannot let that bitch make you feel pain. We need to get Kelly to reject you. Which you will not feel the pain when she does. She will. The moon goddess is also my sister. She has changed her laws remember.

Once Kelly rejects you. She will never get a second chance mate and she will never have any pups. You, however, will get a second chance mate, and have pups. I can be so vindictive. Hell, we could even get Alpha Troy to get Kelly to reject you. He could trick her into doing it. If Kelly tries to come between Peggy and him, we talk to him about it. Once Kelly rejects you, he can tell her had no intention of rejecting his own mate.

Kelly will be so angry that her game she continued to play came back to bite her in the ass. I am so going to love to watch all of this. I will stay for a few months. I do not have a mate and, I have missed you Dottie, and missed watching them grow up.

Which by the way. Why did you not contact me when that bastard attacked Peggy? I tried but I was told you were in special training. Shit. I was. I was with the moon goddess taking training that she required that I do.

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