Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 40: Ryan Talks To Tina

I walked over to the table to talk to Tina. Hello Alpha Ryan. Hello, Tina. I came to see how you are doing? I am doing very well thank you for asking. I want you to meet my cousins and their mates.

They have moved her to join the pack and they will be attending school with me. This is Jerry, and his mate Sara, Doug and his mate, Sandy, Keith and his mate, Lisa, and Ryan and his mate Kelly. We are pleased to meet you.

I see that your wolfs are protective of Linda. Tell them to back down. I heard their growels. I would never harm Linda. We can't help it. She is like our wolfs baby. I am so happy she found a family to love her and she loves all of you.

So are we. She is the first girl in the family. We have all boys. We have spoiled her. And we will continue to do so. I am glad to hear she will have someone at school to watch out for her. Don't worry about that. We will always protect her.

After we all ate and threw our plates away we walked over to sit around the fire. As usual they sat around me in a circle. I lay down on Jerry's lap and listened to everyone talking. My wolf growled. I looked up and saw Chris watching Linda.

That bastard better stop looking at my baby. Doug someone needs to tell him to stop looking at Linda. My wolf is angry. Doug stood up and walked to over to Randy. Someone needs to get Chris away from us. Jerry's wolf is angry that Chris is staring at Linda.

I looked over at Chris and saw him watching Linda. Chris I yelled. Keep your eyes off my daughter. Troy looked over at Chris. Chris I think you need to go over there and set. Stay away from Linda.

We watched as Chris stood up and moved over to sit at the other fire. I feel asleep on Jerry's lap. Have you noticed how she has stayed next to us? We have. She is terrified. Especially of Chris. He is the one that kept raping her. Our wolfs did not like to hear that.

We start school tomorrow and it is Linda's first day back since she healed. Of course she will be riding with us. We will make one hell of a grand entrance. As always Linda will walk with us circling her. Grandma and grandpa would kill us if anything happened to Linda. So would the rest of the family.

Randy walked over and picked Linda up and our wolfs growled. You guys have got to stop that. I am her father. We watched as Randy carried her to his house. We soon followed and when we got to uncle Randy's we all went to our own rooms.

We all took showers and of course we made love to our mates. We soon feel asleep. We woke up to the alarm going off. We got dressed and walked out to the kitchen to eat breakfast. We got into the trailblazer and drove to school.

This is fun. I never got to ride to school They always made me walk there and back until Luna Peggy found out. She was mad. When we arrived at school everyone turned and looked at us. When they saw Linda get out and stand next to us we heard her name.

That can't be Linda. And who are they? Her bodyguards? Then Tina said. No. They are her cousins. And they are protective of her. School went well until lunch. We were late and our wolfs started growing.

We ran to the stairs and saw two girls push Linda down the stairs Jerry caught her before she hit the bottom. The two girls looked down at us and froze. Lisa and Sandy ran up the stairs and grabbed them by their hair.

We followed them with Jerry carrying Linda. Fight, Fight we heard. Sandy threw the girl on the ground. How dare you push Linda down those stairs. She beat the shit out of her. Let this be a lesson to all of you sons of bitches. If you ever try to hurt our cousin again you will end up like this bitch but worse.

Our wolfs started growling. We are powerful wolfs. We brought all of the to their knees. Shit someone yelled. Do you know who they are? No who? They are royalty. Shit. You do not ever try to harm our cousin. We all growled to make our point.

We turned and walked back into the school. Jerry still carried Linda. He refused to let her go. Tell us what you want to eat baby girl. I told them and they put it on a tray for me. Then they paid for the food and walked to a table next to the wall.

As Jerry sat down he kept me on his lap. Jerry is the oldest. He is more protective of me. Guys I think we should send for Thunder. He is Linda's age and in the same grade. He will attend all the classes with her. I agree. We mine linked grandma and told her what happened. She agreed to send Thunder to attend classes with Linda.

You think we are protective of her. You have not seen anything yet. When she first came to the castle Thunder would not leave her side. But you see we know what that is. Royalty wolves find there mates at the age of 12. Linda's wolf was dying and Thunder told us she was his mate.

Thunder slept with Linda helped feed her, helped her to and from the bathroom. And her wolf healed in two days. They promised to let Linda's wolf find out on her own. So it is good that Thunder is coming.

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