Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 41: Thunder

I am Thunder. My grandma called me to her office. Sit down Thunder. What is it grandma? Someone pushed Linda down the stairs. Jerry caught her before she was hurt. I gripped the chair. And the boy who raped Linda. He has been watching her.

She is my mate, I will kill them. Thunder since you are her age you will be in the same classes as Linda. We are sending you to Alpha Troy’s packhouse. You will be with your mate. You can keep her safe in her classes. When do I go? Tonight.

I went and packed my clothes. You will be arriving tonight in time for the pack dinner. I kissed grandma good night and got into the car. I was in my room when the door opened. Thunder I screamed. I jumped up and hugged him.

I have come to stay with you Linda. I will be attending school with you as well. I hugged him again. Put your clothes away. Randy yelled. Time to go to the pack dinner. We all walked out of our rooms and down the stairs.

Randy and Lisa are enjoying having a house full of teenagers. Lisa could not be happier. As we walked to the pack house Thunder held Linda’s hand. I always feel safer when Thunder is close to me. He is very protective. As we got closer to the pack house I stopped and looked at Thunder.

What is it Linda her mom asked? Thunder is my mate. Thunders smiled at me. Of course I am your mate. But, why didn’t anyone tell me? We could not do that. Your wolf had to get stronger. Strong enough to recognize her mate.

Thunder I am so happy that you are my mate. So am I Linda. Now, lets to inside and eat. We walked into the packhouse to the dinning room. As we walked past Chris he saw Thunder and I holding hands. He growled. Then he made a mistake,

He grabbed my by my throat. He started choking me. All hell broke out. Thunder turned into his wolf and attacked Chris. The others wolves surrounded me. Thunder circled Chris’s wolf. Thunder is a black wolf standing at six feet right now. At 12 years old he was already tall for his age.

Chris is 6 feet 4 inches tall. His roar brought everyone to their knees including Alpha Troy. We watched as Thunder continued to fight Chris until he got him down on the ground and had his neck in his teeth.

Automatic death sentence. He attacked the prince’s mate. Thunder snapped his neck. Then he turned back fully clothed. The next person that attacks my mate will die. What he did was an automatic death sentence. I am prince Thunder and he attacked my mate.

Now, let’s go eat shall we? We continued over to the table assigned to us. Alpha Troy stood up. Attention. Yes, Linda was adopted into the family of royalty. They are her cousins. The youngest is Prince Thunder and Linda’s mate.

If you know what is good for you, you will stop attacking Linda, and bullying her. She is above all of us. Jerry stood up. Linda is Princesses Linda. She is also the only girl in the family. Besides our mates. We take protecting our mates and Linda very seriously. So if you want to live do not piss our brother off.

Thunder is young but he is the strongest of all of us. He will not hesitate to kill to protect his mate. As you just saw. It was his right. Now, Alpha Troy if we may now eat? Yes, lets do that.

I sat down and Peggy looked at me. You are bothered. Why didn’t Randy tell us that he was from Royalty? Maybe he just wanted to live a normal life. Maybe. But, I don’t like it. I feel as if they are here to prepare us for something.

Why don’t you call your mom and dad. After all they are elders. They might know something. I think I will after dinner. I just have this feeling that it is related to our pack.

After we all ate I kissed Peggy and walked to my office. As I passed Mark I told him to come with me. Once we entered the office Mark shut the door and sat down.

That was quite something. For a 12 year old prince to stand six feet four inches. And by the time he reaches puberty he will be hugh. I want to know why we have five princes and princesses in our pack.

I dialed mom and dad and put it on speaker phone. I told them what was happening. Troy, if they are there and the youngest is 13 they are there to protect the white wolf. But one has not been born in over 500 years.

She is in your pack and a mate to one of the princes. Linda. It has to be Linda. Troy the The white wolf is a powerful symbol of protection and power. She will turn into her wolf when she turns 15 years old. If it is Linda that is three years. She is 12 years old now.

And her mate will be very, very powerful. He will not hesitate to kill to protect her. Prince Thunder is 12 years old. He killed Chris. Chris as in your third in commands son? Yes, and the one who raped her.

Chris grabbed Linda by her throat and tried to kill her. Prince Thunder turned into his wolf and killed him. His wolf stands at least six feet tall. Troy your father and I will look into this. We will be there tomorrow. Thanks mom. I hung up the phone.

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