Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 42: The Prophasie

Troy a white wolf. That can’t be true. The last time a white wolf was born it was because humans who settled the United States brought with them an intense hatred and fear of wolves, and because wolves can upset farmers by eating their livestock, human activity such as poisoning, trapping, and shooting wolves led to the almost complete extinction of the wolf in the United States.

The white wolf that was born protected the wolves from complete extinction. She moved the to higher ground and ground that was not inhabited by humans. So, if a white wolf is going to be born there is a reason. She must be protected at all costs.

Let's go to bed. It has been a long day. Besides you have to be up early in the morning. I locked the office door before going to my room. When I entered the bedroom I saw Peggy laying in bed. She was asleep. I grabbed a pair of shorts before taking a shower. I climbed in bed and pulled Peggy into my arms.

I didn't hear her get up to take care of our pups. Nor did I hear her walk back into the room and climb in bed. I woke up to the alarm going off. I sat up on the side of the bed. I looked over my shoulder and saw that Peggy was still asleep. I will let her sleep since the babies were still asleep.

I took a shower dressed and took the elevator to the first floor. I got out and went to my office. I pulled one of the books on prophecies from the shelf. I was reading about the white wolf. It has always been a female.

She is very protective and very hard to kill. She is hard to beat as well and always mated to royalty. The white wolf is a fighter, but also intelligent. When she is born there is a war of some kind coming.

It has been reported that roughes have started banding together taking she-wolves of all ages. Especially birthing age. This can't be what is happening here. We have had no issues with roughes.

I leaned back in my chair. Alpha, the elders are here. Please bring them to my office. I looked up as mom and dad walked in. Troy I see you have been doing some reading. I have. I didn't find anything. You won't. Not in that book.

Your white wolf is here to protect one female. What female? Bella. What do you mean to protect Bella? Bella will become the first Alpha female to take over a pack. Bella will be hunted for her beauty, and intelligence as well as her strength.

The King of the rogues wants Bella. He has been waiting for her to be born. Why? He wants her for his son. He will try to take her and force the marking and mating. Her mate will be the most powerful Alpha in the world next to the King of Wolves.

When Bella turns 18 years of age the war will start. The king of rogues and his son will come. The war will last two years. Her mate will come to help fight the war.

What will be so special about Bella? Bella will become the next moon goddess. No, that can't be. Well it is the prophase. Does she have to leave? No, not for many years. She and her mate will have many children. Strong children. She will live to see her children and grandchildren grow and mate before her time on earth is through.

Thank the goddess for that. We will be long gone before she leaves this earth. There will be many changes to the land. We will all see more humans moving into the woods. More houses being built close to our territories.

We will all need to buy as much land as we can. We must protect as much of the woods as possible. And there will be new humans called the hunters. They will want to kill as many wolfs as they can.

Thanks mom and dad. I will start looking into the land around our territory that is for sale. I will start buying what I can. Humans are so money hungry I am sure that we can buy quite a bit of land. That would be a smart move. And any land with no trees, you should plant a lot of trees.

I watched as mom and dad drove out of the driveway. I walked back into the pack house. I walked over and picked Bella up and held her. I could not believe that the king of rouge will try and take my daughter and have his son try to force a mark on her and mate her. Not as long as I am alive.

I have a feeling that Linda has a lot of training to go through. With her father being the head warrior she will get that training. I kissed Bella's forehead and placed her back in her bassinet. Peggy is going to go into shock when I tell her about what mom and dad said.

I walked out of the packhouse and walked to the edge of t woods. I stripped and turned into my wolf. I then ran our territory. I made note of land available for sale. I then ran back home. I dressed and walked into the office.

Mark, I need you to look for any land for sale around our territory. I want to buy all of it. I will explain later. This is important. I called Jake, Ryan and Jeff and asked them to come here for a meeting at 9:00 the next morning.

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