Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 43: The Meeting

I met with Alpha Jeff, Jake, and Ryan. Alpha Jeff arrived first. Alpha Troy I have some information for you. I think that you should know that I found this bottle in Karan's bedroom. I found out that she used this to drug your brother because she thought he was you. And Beta Mark.

I don't think you know but I have three sisters. One is marked and mated. My other sister is staying with her best friend. I can't prove it but right before Karan came to stay with me she had visit our sister Jessie. I think Jessie might be Beta Marks mate.

I would like for you to bring Beta Mark to my packhouse tonight. I would like to see if they are mates. As you know, Karan does not want to wait for her real mate. I am sure that we can do that. Besides that Karan hates Jessie.

Just then Jake and Ryan walked into my office. I discussed the prophecy with them. How Linda will be changing at 15 years of age and she is the white wolf. She is to be protected at all cost as is Bella. Discussed that the elders said we should start buying up all the property we can around our territories.

It was agreed that we would all buy what property we find for sale. Then I mind linked Mark to meet me down stairs. I thanked everyone for coming. I met Mark downstairs and told him we were going to Alpha Jeffs.

The closer we got to Jeff's territory I watched as Mark sniffed the air. As soon as the car stopped and we got out again he sniffed the air. Troy, something is different. What do you mean? I smell my mate but it is not Karan.

As we entered the packhouse he swung his head and said mate. She was beautiful. Small with long blonde hair and blue eyes. I walked over and stood in front of her. You are my mate. What is your name? Jessie. I was right Alpha Jeff seid.

Jessie, Karan was around you to have your sent on her. If she couldn't have Alpha Troy she wanted his Beta. Bus somehow she found out you were his mate. That is not possible Jeff. I have never met Beta Mark until today.

Jessie, you have been drawing pictures of Beta Mark since you were 16 years old. You drew your mate. Karan recognized him from those pictures. She also took some of your clothes and kept them in plastic bags. She would wear them. That way your scent was on who we thought was Alpha Troy.

Why would she do that Jeff? To take your mate from you. After he marked and mated her it would be too late for him to claim his true mate. She is such a bitch. What are you going to do with her? She will be attending all the mating ceremonies we can find.

We will help her mate find her. All we can do is hope he will accept her. Good luck with that one. She is pure evil Jeff. No one will want a mate like her. Unless he is just as evil as she is. Or he is worse than she is.

I don't know about that. She could end up with mate he doesn't want. He could mate her but not mark her. Just to get pups from her. I would wish that on her. That is the kind of mate she deserves.

We will have to wait and see. I would so laugh if Alpha Shadow ends up being her mate. He has avoided the mating ceremonies for five years. I heard he would be attending the one at Jakes packhouse.

We should make sure and put her in his area. He will be at Jakes tomorrow by the way, He is coming for a meeting with Jake. Let me call him. Jake what are you doing? I am actually talking to Alpha Shadow right now. He came a day early.

He stated he felt the need to be here why? We are bringing Karan over there. We want to see something. Alright come on over. Get Karan, she is going to Jakes. Alpha Shadow came a day early.

We watched as Karan was brought upstairs. Take her to the car. We got in my car bringing Jessie with us and drove to Jakes. When we entered Jakes packhouse Alpha Jeff dragged Karan into the room.

All of a sudden we heard the growl. Alpha Shadow was looking right at Karan. He started laughing. So you are my mate. I suppose you heard I don't want you. But, I will not reject you as you are the only one who can give me what I want.

You will go to my territory with me. You will give me the pups I want. But, I will not mark you or make you my Luna. I have a girlfriend that I do not plan on giving up for you. You will not have the title of Luna.

I will be marking my girlfriend and mating with her. You I will use. No, you can't do that. I am your Luna. No, you are just the mate the goddess gave me. I will not reject you. I just will not mark you.

Beta, take her back to the packhouse. Put her in the bedroom in on the second floor as far away from mine as you can get her. She does not get any special privileges. This is the mate you deserve Karan. You hurt too many people.

We watched as she was dragged from the packhouse. Well we will see you later Jake. Nice to have met you Alpha Shadow. Alpha Troy, I will visit your packhouse tomorrow. I have come early to meet your Luna and the triplets.

The first triplets to be born to any wolf in 300 years. I hear your daughter is beautiful even for her age. Yes, she is. I also know the prophase.

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