Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 44: Alpha Shadow Visits Bella

I was sitting in my office wondering why Alpha Shadow practically demanded to see Bella and her brothers. It is true that triplets had not been born in centuries. But he seemed more interested in Bella.

Mark looked over at me. Are you thinking what I am thinking? About Alpha Shadow? Yes. He practically informed me he was going to see Bella. He can't be Bella's mate. He is a lot older. There is one other Alpha who is still very young.

No it can't be him. It makes sense. He is over 500 years old and still looks like he is 25 years old. He is one of the strongest Alpha's in the world. Alpha Alex had never taken a mate. He has always said his mate is out there. She just has not been born yet.

Alpha Alex said that he will know the day she is born. And on that day he will start searching for her. If he finds Bella he will demand we hand her over to him. Maybe that is why the white wolf is here. It is all starting to make sense.

Well he is on the other side of the world. It will take his years to find Bella. No it won't. Once word hits that side of the world triplets have been born, where and one is a girl he will be here. It has been three days. He is coming. I can feel it.

Randy looked up and saw the packhouse surrounded. What the hell. Alpha Troy you have to get out here. We are surrounded. Mark and I looked outside. I was wrong Mark. He is here. We walked out of the office and down the stairs. As we walked out on the porch Peggy followed carrying Bella.

I saw the Alpha sniff the air and swing his head to look at Peggy. Then he looked in her arms. Mate he growled. All his soldiers and warriors got on one knee and bowled their heads. The Alpha Queen is finally here.

We stood there and watched as he walked toward Peggy. Or Warriors stood in front of Alpha Alex. Let him pass. The warriors parted. Alpha Alex stopped in front of Peggy. He looked down at Bella. Then up at Peggy.

May I hold my mate? Peggy placed Bella in Alpha Alex's arms. No one has seen him smile in years. But as he looked down Bella opened her eyes and reached out and touched his face. Alpha Alex smiled down at Bella.

You are very beautiful Mate. Then Bella surprised us all. She giggled up at him. Shall we enter the house? Alpha Alex carried Bella into the house. As we walked over to the bassinnets he looked at her brothers.

They will be very strong Alpha's. He walked over to a chair and sat down. Would you like me to lay Bella with her brothers? No, Luna Peggy. If you don't mind I would like to hold my mate for a while longer.

Alpha Alex was not a gentle man rumor had it. But he was very gentle with Bella. I have been looking for her for three days. Then word came that Luna Peggy gave birth to triplets one being a girl and I knew it was my mate.

How is this possible? The doctor said that Wolf covered their heart beats. That Tim, the second born covered Bella's. Believe us when they were born it was a shock. I watched as Alpha Alex's eyes stared. Then he smiled.

Why bring so many warriors and soldiers to my home? Alpha Troy, I have just bought enough land you can place Jacksonville Florida in the middle and still have thousands of miles to go around it. As a matter of fact it connects to the backyards of Alpha's, Jake, Ryan, you, and Jeffs territories.

I need that much land for my soldiers, warriors, and pack members to live. Right now most of them are clearing the land for Bella and my home, the homes of the pack members, a packhouse, training grounds, barricks, and a small town.

You didn't think I would take a small child from her mother, father, and brothers did you? No, my mate will live with you until she turns 18 years old. But she will visit with me on the weekends and during the day time if she chooses to.

You know that mates cannot be separated for any length of time. At any age. I know that. Good. Bella started to cry. Luna Peggy I believe Bella is getting hungry. I watched as he placed Bella into Peggy's arms. I could tell he did not want to let her go.

Just than we looked up and watched Alpha Shadow walk into the room. Hello, brother he said looking at Alpha Alex. Hello, Shadow. So, it is true. He looked at the triplets. Your mate has finally been born. Yes, she has. We were shocked. Alpha Shadow kneeled down and bowled his head.

Mother and father will be happy to hear it. They know. They were with me when she was born. So, we all know that the King of roughes will be looking for her as well. He will never get near enough to her to see what she really looks like.

That we agree on. I also heard you bought most of the land around here. Yes, I bought the other half. The white wolf will soon be here as well. I know that as well. Little brother, you will go through changes with your mate.

You will be everything she needs. Her brother, her friend, her boyfriend and then you will mate and mark her. A lot of years to wait for her. I waited for over 500 years for her. What is 18 more?

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