Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 45: Two Years Later

I asked mom if she would take me to see Alex but she said no. Not right now. I looked at her and ran out of the room. I know how to get to his house. I ran out of the back door and started running through the woods.

As I was running I heard a growl. I screamed as a big wolf started chasing me. I screamed for Alex. He will save me. I was working on paperwork in my office when I heard my name yelled. I heard it again. My mate is in trouble. I ran out of my office and changed into my wolf and ran toward the woods.

I saw my mate screaming my name and a wolf chasing her. I jumped over her head and growled at the wolf that was chasing her. I circled the male wolf. We started fighting. I killed that bastard. I changed into my human form and lifted Bella carrying her toward my packhouse.

When I walked thru the woods my pack members gasped. They saw Bella shaking and crying. I walked into the house for me and Bella. I walked up the stairs and lay her on the bed. Stay there Bella. I took a shower and put on jeans before walking out of the bathroom.

I lifted Bella into my arms. Bella what were you thinking to come her by yourself? I wanted to see you but mom told me she would not bring me. She must have had a good reason. Not to me.

I smiled down at her. Bella please do not ever do that again. If you want to see me call me. But, what if you can't come? I will always come or I will send someone to get you and bring you to me. I lay on his chest. I'm sorry I did a bad thing Alex.

It is alright. I understand. Alex you still love me don't you? Of course I still love you. I will always love you Bella. I stood up and carried her down the hall. Do you want some milk and cookies? Please.

As I got to the bottom of the stairs I heard a woman screaming at Alex. Alex what is that bratt doing over her again? I saw the look in Alex eyes as he looked at her. Bella is not a bratt and don't you ever call her one again.

Tammy this is Bella's second home. She can come here anytime she wants day or night. And don't you ever speak to me in that tone of voice again. But Alex I can see you when she is around. You don't see me anyway. I am not interested in you and never will be.

Alex it is her or me. There has never been a me and you Tammy. It will always be Bella. And it is Alpha Alex to you. Tammy you better remember your place. You are nothing to me. You are a friend of my sisters.

What are you doing here anyway and how did you get in my house? I looked at her. I mine linked my Bata. Get new locks put on all the doors and bring me the keys. Better yet for the front door get one with fingerprints. I want those that need in the house and Bella's prints not Tammy's.

The next thing Tammy saw was a pack member putting new locks in the doors. You are going to choose that bratt over me a grown woman? This bratt is my mate. That stopped Tammy in her tracks. No, that is not possible.

Oh but it is Tammy. And you can stop trying to get me in your bed. I have not had a woman for over 500 years. I can wait another 18 years. And if you ever talk to your Luna like that again I will make sure you can't talk back to anyone.

I saw Bella glaring at Tammy. You stay away from Alex. He is my Alex. I don't like you. You are a bad person. Then she sniffed. It was you. I smelled you on that bad wolf. You told him to hurt me. Bella, yes Alex?

Run to the kitchen and tell Bonnie to get you milk and cookies. I will be there in a few minutes. Ok my Alex. I grinned at her as she ran to the kitchen. I looked at Tammy in anger and started walking toward her.

You sent a wolf to hurt Bella? She was walking backwards. No, I didn't. If Bella said she smelled you on that wolf I believe her. I was still walking toward her. She kept walking backward. Soon she bumped against my Beta Travis.

Travis this bitch sent a wolf to kill your Luna. I believe that she needs to go to the cells until she can answer to the pack members. We have to get ready for Linda's change tonight. I also have to call Luna Peggy and tell her Bella is here.

Tammy was screaming. Please don't take me to the cells. I won't do it again. You are damn right you won't Tammy. Your punishment will be harsh. I will make sure of that. I showed her the side of me that Bella as never seen. And I hope will never see. I heard Travis tell Tammy she was one stupid bitch.

I called Luna Peggy. Hello, Luna Peggy I know you are busy getting ready for Linda's change but I thought you should know that Bella is here. She ran through the woods. I have a nice dress she can wear and I will bring her with me to the transition. Thank you Alpha Alex.

We just can't stop her when she wants to see you. I laughed. I understand and it is fine. That is how mates are. Yes, that is very true. Good by Luna Peggy. I walked to the kitchen. I stopped my heart hurt. I walked over and lifted Bella on my lap.

What's wrong Bella? She looked at me with sad eyes. Then what she said shocked me and my mom. Alex I felt the change in you when you looked at that woman. I saw inside your mind. You wanted to be in your bed with her. You wanted to be naked. I looked at my mom and she gasped.

Please put me down Alex. I put her on the floor. I hate you Alex. You don't love me. You want that woman. You want to kiss her and hold her. I was stunned. Bella turned and ran for the door. Bella I yelled. I ran after her but she was gone just like that.

I called Luna Peggy and told her what just happened. I will call you when she gets her or we find her. I paced the floor. Alex it will be fine. No mom it won't. I feel like I cheated on Bella just by thinking it.

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