Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 48; Mom Sees The Mating Marks

We looked over at Axels mom. She turned and ran to the library. What is she doing I asked Axel? I don't know. Then we saw her walking back toward us with a very old book in her hands. She sat the book down and turned the pages then she stopped.

She looked at Axels mating mark and then mine. Then back to the book. Oh, my god. Axel you and Belle are the strongest wolfs next to the King and Queen. War is coming. And Bella it is over you. The King of Rough wants his son to mate an mark you.

Then she laughed. This was not supposed to happen until you turned 18. You have ruined his plans. We must take you to talk to the elders. Nothing like this has ever happened before.

We watched as mom called the elders. Yes, we can be there in an hour. Come on we have to meet with the elders. We walked out and got into the car. Alpha Alex drove to the building where the elders lived.

We knocked on the door and were told to wait there. The butler came back and told us to follow him. As we walked in we were asked to stand in front of the elders. It is our understanding that your wolves took over and you marked and mated? That is correct.

Please remove your shirts. As we took the off the Elders gasped. We have never seen tattoos like these. They show that you are both very powerful. And that a white wolf will protect you. Has one changed recently?

Yes, at Alpha Troys packhouse. And you are Bella the only female wolf born from triplets. That is right. This was not supposed to happen until you turned 18 years old. Your wolfs knew something we didn't.

They were determined not to be seperated. And you will win the war before it even starts. The elders started laughing. Why are you laughing? We are laughing because the Rogue King as lost again. He should have taken you the first chance he got when you were still an infant.

He will try to attack during your Luna Ceremony. He will try to kill you now. Leaning Alpha Alex to grieve. But that will not happen. Your white wolf will place a protective circle around the territory.

Once the Luna Ceremony is complete there is nothing he can do. His son will turn on him and fight him to the death. I found it book elders. We watched as a book was handed to the head elder.

Yes, here it is. Everyone has been reading it wrong. They laughed even louder. The Rogue king will die at the hands of his son. And you Belle are destined to be the next Moon Goddess. No, I don't want to leave Alex.

Bella you will not leave Alpha Alex. Not for many years. You will watch your children grow, and your grandchildren as well. You will die a normal death at a very old age. Then you will take the place of our current Moon Goddess.

It is written that you will both die together in your bed. And you Alex will join Bella on the moon. You will both protect the wolf's for many centuries.

I don't get it? None of us do. You both will have many visits with the moon goddess. Imagine. A war without a war. The Rogue King did not have the most current prophecies. This is mainly about him.

Alex and I looked at each other confused. Never fear you two. The Rogue king's son does not want you. What you and Alpha Alex will do is to provide them land to live on so that they are no longer shunned by the other wolfs.

The Rogue King's son will become a very good Alpha helping his members and others thrown out by their packs. Everyone will learn to live in harmony. That is what you will teach them. To understand that they do not have to be treated badly.

That is why we were told to buy as much land as we can? That is right. You will help them build their own Packhouses and stop looking to kill them as they will learn to work with all of the Alpha's. You will build good relationships. And in return the Rouge's will do what the others wolfs can't do.

You will protect each other. After all the rogues have lived among humans and know their ways. They will become the wolfs that will be the first defense. They will protect the others and keep the humans from entering the forests and destroying them and kill you.

Does the prophecy say anything else about the current rouge king's son? Only that he will become a very good friend to all the wolfs. That is all we can tell you. Thank you, for you assistance elders.

Good-bye Alpha Alex, Bella. We walked out of the room and down the hallway. We were still trying to take it all in. We walked out and got into the car. What did they say. Mother we are more confused. But we will tell you when we get home.

I want to call Alpha's Jeff, Ryan, Jake, and Troy on speaker phone. But first I think we all need to eat and write all this down so we don't forget it. That sounds like a good plan Alex.

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