Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 49: The Conference call.

I finished writing everything down and mom, Bella, and I walked to my office. I saw on Alex's lap while he connected everyone to the phone call. He also took pictures of our mating mark and sent the pictures to them.

Alex told him what the elders told us. Bella will become the next Moon Goddess? On the day we both die of very old age. Then they started laughing when he told them it was the end of the current rogue king and his way of living.

They were all amazed at this. Everything is in a really old book that the elders have. So, we can all relax. That is until Bella's Luna ceremony. The white wolf will need to be here.

We will be having it next month. We will send you out invitations. I hung up the phone and smiled at Bella. Mom walked out and shut the door. I lifted Bella onto my desk.

I moved my hands up her legs and pulled her panties off. I lay her back on the desk while I rubbed her sleek wet pussy. I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer toward me. I never took my eyes off hers.

I lifted one leg and put it over my shoulder and then the other. I slid two fingers inside her and she gasped and threw her head back. I lowered my head and proceeded to lick and suck her clit. Soon she was begging me not to stop. I stood up and unzipped my jeans and slid them down. I pushed my cock inside her.

Fuck she is so tight. Faster Alex. Anything my mate wants. Soon I was pounding in and out of her and she screamed harder. Fuck I said as I felt her pussy squeezing my cock. I leaned down against her and pumped in and out of her two, three times before I shot into her.

I grabbed some kleenex and wiped her off. I wiped myself and threw them away. I pulled her dress down and then I sat down in the chair. I felt myself growing again.

I watched as she stood up and sat with her back to me on my cock. I rubbed her clit and pussy as I made love to her again. Then she sat up and rode me. Fuck me if this didn't feel good. I knew she was about to have her orgasam. I rubbed her clit faster and she pushed against my finger.

I felt that tingle in my spine and I yelled now Bella. Cum of me. We both came at the same time. Damn I cannot get enough of her. I walked her to the private bathroom and washed her with soap and water before washing myself.

I watched as she put her panties on and pulled them up. I want to fuck her again already. I am one horny wolf. We have work to do my wolf told me. Soon we will run together in wolf form and you can mate with your mate.

Tonight Alex. Tonight we will run together. I felt him lay down in the back of my mind. Skyler, yes Venom. When we run tonight will you let me mate with you? Oh, Venom I would like to mate with you. I can't wait until tonight. Neither can I.

I walked to our bedroom and took a shower. I put on shorts and a tee-shirt. I lay down and took a nap. I don't know how long I slept before Alex woke me up. Let's go for a run before supper.

I followed Alex to the edge of the woods where we stripped and changed to our wolfs. Our wolfs looked at each other. Alex is big. I can stand under his chest. We took off running and ran for a few hours before we lay down.

I started to lick his snoot. Then he was behind me biting my shoulder to hold me still. Venom now. Take me now. He was moving in and out of me. God this is my mate. He was really big. I howled as I got close and he released his seed.

When he finished we lay side by side until the knot let me go. We ran back to our house where we dressed. We held hands as we walked into the house and to our bedroom.

We showered, dressed and walked down to the kitchen to eat. We need to go to the packhouse soon. I also need to go and work on paperwork there. Want to come with me? Yes, I want to go with you. Good.

We were holding hands as we walked to the packhouse. We heard the Alpha is coming tonight. Maybe he will finally talk to one of us. He won't. He has a mate. Alpha is sexy as hell. I wonder what he would be like in bed.

You will never find out. We could. Not going to happen. As Alex opened the door several woman said, hello, Alpha Alex. Then they saw me standing there holding his hand. Who are you they snarled? I am Alex's mate. I am Bella.

The hell you are. Enough. You will not use that tone of voice with your Luna. She really is your mate? Yes, she is my mate. And even if she wasn't it would be none of your business. You are beneath me and my visitors.

You need to remember you place. Which I might add is in the kitchen. Not in here. So do not ever question my mate or any of my guests again. Is that understood. Yes, Alpha. And one more thing. Stop talking about me.

Not one of you ever had or will ever have a chance to find out how I am in bed. Only my mate will ever know that. I don't have any complaints from her.

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