Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 5: Training

Peggy and I were talking as the warriors stretched. Then I looked over at Kelly and felt nothing. I was the stern Alpha. I want all of you to give me 100 sit-ups, then 100 pushups, and then run around the territory 25 times. Kelly yelled, but that's 300 miles. And what is your point Kelly, Alpha Ryan asked her looking at her with cold eyes?

I looked at him and saw he gave nothing away and he was not going to relent. Start now I yelled. I and Peggy watched them do the push-ups and sit-ups. We then started running the 300 miles. When we finished and returned to training grounds, I saw Kelly look at Peggy and me. Neither one of us were even sweating. We are going to start fighting.

Who thinks they can take Luna, Peggy, down? I can Kelly say, grinning. I looked at Kelly and grinned. Peggy. I saw Peggy take her shirt off and step towards Kelly. Then I heard Kelly tell her she was going to show her why she should be the Luna and not Peggy. I knew what Kelly was thinking. She knew I was an Alpha and she thought that now we are mates, she would have some of my strength and power.

She will not. She is in for a shock. I looked at Kelly and told her she was a slut and not Luna material. That made Kelly angry. She made mistake after mistake and Peggy finally quit playing around and knocked Kelly out cold. The warriors from Jakes’s pack laughed. What made Kelly think she could take on a Luna let an Alpha and beat her? I looked and said. Kelly made a lot of mistakes.

She let being a warrior go to her head. She should not even be the head warrior. Granted, she might be fast and strong, but she lets her emotions get in her way. She thought that I was a weak Luna. She also underestimated me. And she forgot that I am also an Alpha. I walked over and threw a bucket of water on Kelly’s face. I looked at her with cold eyes. Remember this Kelly. You will never beat Peggy. Not only is she the Luna here, but she is also an Alpha I said grinning at her.

Now get your ass up. We are not finished with training. I want you all to find someone that is not as strong as you and work out with them. We need to increase your speed, balance, and skills. Let us go. Peggy and I watched the warriors. Ryan, do you see that female warrior over there? After fighting Kelly, I am wondering how she became the head warrior.

That female there should be the head warrior. She is better, than Kelly. Faster, her moves are precise, and she keeps her emotions in check. I will talk to Alpha Jake. Do not have to I am seeing it as well. I agree with you. After 8 hours of training, everyone was dismissed. I like how you train Ryan. Thanks. I am going back to my playhouse. See you later tonight.

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