Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 50; Preparing for The Luna Ceremony

For my Luna Ceremony I was wearing my mothers dress. It is red with flowing silk down the back. It was strapless and my hair was up on my head. You can see my mate mark. I walked through the back door of the packhouse.

My mom and I walked across the yard and down the path in the woods. Soon we came to soft grass and I saw my mate standing on the stage. His mother was standing next to him. I walked up the steps and stood next to Alex.

His mother handed the knife to Alex. He cut his hand, then he handed it to me. I cut mine. His mother put our hands together. Bella do you denounce Alpha Troys pack and accept the Blue Moon pack as your family? I do. Will you protect the Blue Moon Pack with your life? I will. Will you be the mother of the Blue Moon Pack? I will. I now pronounce Bella as the new Luna and the mate of Alpha Alex.

Welcome your Luna. Luna Bella. I heard all the voices as once. Then both Alex and his mother heard it A she wolf saying she will fight me to the death as she should be Alpa Alex's mate and Luna of the pack.

It got very quiet. You want to challenge me to a fight to the death? Yes but not right now. I looked at Alex he nodded. I accept that challenge however it will not be later. It will be right now. After I change my dress.

Someone ran to the house and brought me sweat pants and a tee-shirt. After I changed I walked down the steps from the stage. Alpha Alex said. No one will enterfer. You may fight in human form or your wolf.

The she-wolf said I will fight in my wolf form. After she changed we all started laughing. She was as small as a pup. I shrugged shoulders and changed into mine. I stood at six foot. I looked down at the she-wolf and laughed.

I took one paw and slapped her across the yard. She flew five feet and hit her back against the tree. We heard a crack. I broke her back. I walked toward her. She lay helpless on the ground. Should never challenge and Alpha Female or a Luna bitch.

I almost felt bad for her. I bit into her neck and shook her until she was dead. I changed back still wearing my clothes. I hated to kill her. But, she did say to the death. Alpha Alex looked at all of us. Just so you know. Bella is just not a she-wolf. Bella is one of the triplet born to Alpha Troy and Luna Peggy.

She has Alpha blood in her. So the next she-wolf who thinks about challenging my mate might want to think twice. Also. Even if you happened to win the challenge. You will never be my Luna. You will never sleep in my bed. And you will never have the privileges my Luna has.

So if you think just because you by chance beat my Luna in a fight to the death you are still nothing. You will still live where you do now. Is that understood? Yes, Alpha. Good. Now lets celebrate my Luna. We walked back to the packhouse where a tasty meal was waiting for all of us.

I turned to see the white wolf growling. I remembered the shield she would put up. What do you want Alex asked him. You stole my son's mate. You mated and marked her. Hand her over now and we will leave in peace.

I stepped forward and looked at him. Dear Rough king. I am afraid that you have outdated books. I am not and never was your son's mate. I am the mate of Alpha Alex.

You know it really is too bad that did not study the prophase much better. What are you talking about? The books you have are 500 years out of date. You see the prophecy is that you will die today.

You will die at the hands of your son. They way you are living and forcing your members to live is just outdated. Why don't you tell your father. I know that you have read the newer prophecies.

She is right father. You see we are tired of not having a roof over our heads, our own homes our own towns. I will challenge you to the death. When I kill you All the alpha's here have offered us land of our own. A place to build our own homes, stores and live in peace with them.

We will become friends and be able to offer other wolfs a home of their own when they can' t live in their own packs. We will work together.

Now I challenge you to a fight to the death. We all watched in the safety of the shield. An hour later the old rouge king was dead. Alpha Alex looked at the new rouge king. I will provide you safety to come tomarrow to meet with the other alphas.

We will give you the land promised and you can decide it if you want to choose alpha's to run them ruled by you. I will be here. Good. We will offer any assistance to help you build the homes and other buildings.

Thank you alpha Alex. For now on the other side of my territory you may camp and rest without worry of being attacked. We watched as he ran with his members across the territory. We will live in peace with the rogues from today forward. Lets continue our celebration.

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