Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 6: Kelly Makes Mistakes

I was in my office working when I heard a knock on the door. Come in Kelly. What can I do for you? I want to be transferred to Alpha Troy’s pack. No. What do you mean no? Alpha Tanner asked that you never be transferred back to his pack. So, the answer is no. I watched as she walked around behind me. She started to rub my back. Get your hands off me, Kelly.

I mine linked my Beta to come to my office. What’s up Jake, Ted asked? See this warrior Kelly sanding right here. Yes, what about her. She asked that I transfer to Alpha Troy’s back. When I told her no, she started rubbing my back? For touching her Alpha inappropriately, she is to lose her head warrior title and she is back to the rank of a new warrior.

Please call a meeting outside in five minutes of all the pack members. I looked over and saw the shock on Kelly’s face. Please do not strip me of the head warrior. It is done. Now get out of my office and be at that meeting. I walked out of my office and went to find Sara. Hi, babe I need to talk to you. I told her what Kelly tried and what her punishment was. I kissed Sara and told her that Kelly knows better than to touch me.

I breathed in Sara’s scent. She put her arms around me and calmed me down. We are going outside to discuss her punishment. I held Sara’s hand as we walked out the back door and upon the stage. I told the pack members what Kelly tried to do to get what she wanted but instead. She has been stripped of her head warrior title and is back to new warrior status. I have watched the training today.

I have decided that Lisa will be the new head warrior. I looked at Alpha Jake in shock. Lisa, please step forward. I walked down the aisle and upon the stage. I was handed the head warrior patch and my new uniforms. You will return your old uniforms to the clothing office. Congratulations. Lisa. Thank you, Alpha Jake. I shook his hand and walked back to my chair.

I watched from the woods with Dottie and Alpha Ryan. I would say that Kelly got what she deserved. And she is not happy that she was refused the transfer to Alpha Troy’s pack and that she lost her head warrior status. I think that everyone that she has embarrassed or tried to rule over is going to have a field day with Kelly now that most, if not all of them or now a higher rank than she is we heard Shawn say.

Kelly thought that she would get Alpha Jake to do what she wanted. I am surprised that he did not give her more punishment. These sluts think that they can get any man to fall for their charms if they suck their cocks or screw them. But, not all Alpha's are willing to hurt their mates. Especially a pregnant mare. The pain alone could kill the baby. They will not put their next Alpha in danger.

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