Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 7: Kelly Is Punished

A pack member yelled for Kelly. What do you want Steve, Kelly asked him? Is it true that Alpha Ryan is your mate? That is none of your business. We find it funny that he does not act like you are his mate. In fact, it seems like he hates you. He also did not let you get by with not running the 300 miles.

He was laughing. He does not want a slut for a mate. Again, Steve, you do not know what you are talking about. We will see we heard him tell her. As he walked away, we have heard Kelly say. My mate will pay for that tonight. He will be hurting when I am being fucked tonight. We looked over at Shawn laughing. No bitch, he will not feel a thing. You on the other hand will feel that pain as you are being fucked.

Oh, how I wish I could be a fly on the wall of her bedroom. She will not know what hits her now will she? I think I will be out here in the woods just to hear her screams. Shawn, you really are vindictive my mom told her. She is getting everything that she deserves. Shawn looked at us and said. I did learn a few things from my sister. Kelly needs a hard lesson. My mom looked at me. Well, mom, I do have to agree with her.

Kelly has hurt a lot of people. She doesn’t care who she hurts if she gets what she wants. She must learn that she is not above receiving pain herself. Let us go back to the house. We walked back to the house and mom and Shawn walked to get a cup of coffee. I changed into my wolf, Axel, and ran for a few miles. Then I sniffed the air. A deer. I chased the deer down and killed it.

I enjoyed a meal and then I walked over to the creek and took a drink before laying down and cleaning myself. I closed my eyes and dozed off. I must have slept for a few hours. I opened my eyes and stood up. I ran back to the house and changed putting on a pair of shorts before walking into the house. We walked into the kitchen and saw Shawn and mom playing cards.

I looked at Shawn and told her that Axel talked to Kelly’s wolf. She is having sex. But I do not feel a thing. I am going to hear her screams. Mom and I followed Shawn through the woods. Then we heard Kelly screaming. Stop fucking me. It hurts.

I cannot do this. She screamed more. I said stop it. Then we hard bitch, I will stop as soon as I come, and then we heard the guy grunting. Why did it hurt so bad when it has never hurt before? I was laughing. I was enjoying this. May you should ask the doctor. Get out of my room. I was in so much pain that I did finally mind linked the doctor to come to my room. What do you need Kelly? I was having sex and then it hurt bad. So bad I told him to stop, but the more he fucked me the more it hurt. Have you found your mate? Yes, who is it? Alpha Ryan. But he has not claimed you or accepted you as his mate. No, he has not, and I do not want him. I want Alpha Troy. That is not going to happen Kelly.

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