Ryan's Mate: Book 2 Blood Moon Pack series

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Chapter 8: Kelly Feels The Pain

What I think is happening to you is that since Alpha Ryan has not accepted you or rejected you, he is not feeling pain you are feeling pain. Are you telling me that every time I have sex with someone other than my mate, I will feel the pain? That is just what I am saying. Alpha Ryan will not feel the pain. Also, should Alpha Ryan have sex with another she-wolf you will also feel that pain as well? That is not right. This is all fucked up.

Well, you do remember that the Moon Goddess has changed her rules. So, you might be the first mate to find out she meant what she said. I cannot help you, Kelly. No pain shot will help. You just must stop having sex with men that are not your mate. Fuck that we heard her yell. I do not believe my mate did not feel any pain. That this is a fluke and he hit something inside of me the wrong way.

Jake’s pack-house Alpha Jake and Sara met us. Mom looked at Sara and said, you should have that little bundle of joy next, we. I hope Sara told her. Peggy and Troy are sitting over at that table. They have saved chairs for all of us. As we sat down my mom said, Ryan, Kelly is staring at you. I looked over at her showing no emotions. But icy eyes. I turned back and looked at Peggy.

So, I heard that Jake striped Kelly of her head warrior patch. Yes, he did. Serves the bitch right. Why is not wanting to be with me, I asked myself? Does he not feel the mate bond anymore? I walked over and got a water and turned and bumped into him. I felt the shock and wanted to kiss him.

I looked down at her and then she asked me why I do not feel the mate bond. I have no idea what you are talking about Kelly. I felt the pain in my chest. He is rejecting us my wolf said. I walked around Kelly and grabbed three glasses of water before walking back to the table. I handed one to mom and one to Shawn. I still did not acknowledge Kelly.

Kelly is looking at you as if she is confused. She bumped into me as I was getting water. She asked why I did not feel the mate bond. I told her I did not know what she was talking about. Just then one of my old friends showed up with her cousin. She yelled hugging me, and then she kissed me. Just then we heard Kelly scream and grab her chest.

She looked right at me with anger in her eyes. What is her problem Kara asked? I have no idea. Must be her time. We will see you later, Ryan, she said as she turned to walk over to talk to some other old friends. I sat down at the table and listened to the conversation between Sara, Peggy, mom, and Shawn. Just then I saw Kelly grab a male wolf and start to kiss him.

I just looked at her and grinned. I said slut and her eyes got big. I did not feel the pain, but she did. Shawn and I wanted to laugh, but we did not. I ignored her and turned my head and talked to Troy. I told him about Kelly’s behavior toward Jake and that is why she lost her head warrior patch. Troy asked if I was ready for the Alpha meeting in New York next week. I hate attending those meetings.

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